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I came home from a week-long job in Kerrville to find that we had guests at the house. I'd forgotten that this weekend was Addison's birthday. As I'd been wanting to make some headway on my cosplay projects, I was disgruntled at first when I realized that would be impossible with company around. Then I was re-informed that the birthday plan was to go float the river on Saturday. That definitely improved my mood. The sour-puss part of me quibbled, 'well if I stay at home I can do my cosplay, plus I don't know any of the people who are going, blahblahblah.' Fortunately I didn't listen to him. Guests continued to stream in that evening and we went out to Kerbey Lane for dinner. I had some drinks to neutralize my instinctive stranger aversion. It may not have made me more likeable, but it made me more comfortable.
It took us awhile to get the group out of bed and on the road Saturday morning; we got onto the water about one. Although the weather had been unseasonably cold the past few days, today it was perfect. And since it's still relatively early in the tubing season, the river wasn't crowded at all. Our girls looked great in their bikinis; I was the least in-shape guy in our group but whatever. I wasn't about to wear a shirt like some insecure teenager. The only hiccup we had was when the river police pulled us over to inform us that disposable containers weren't allowed on the river. We were able to chug/improvise alternate drinking methods so it didn't stall our party for too long. I lost my waterproof camera in the river soon afterwards due to a faulty velcro strap on my pocket. I greatly regretted that as it would mean I'd have no way to recall the hot girls or drunken shenanigans that would follow.
This was my first time on the Comal River. The floating section was short-ish. We were in the water for a little more than 3 hours (yet that turned out to be plenty enough time for almost everyone to get sloshed). There was a fun tube chute and a waterfall that would have been fun if we'd been warned that it was coming. Instead, we all fell over it ungracefully, many losing clothes, shoes, or other belongings in the process.
Once we got back on land we realized just how drunk we were. Or at least, that's what I've been able to piece together. I don't actually remember the end of our float. (I wasn't the only one who was that bad off.) The bus ride back, dropping off our tubes, getting changed, none of it. Ashley somehow got my keys and refused to let me drive my truck to dinner. I know I shouldn't have protested, but my pride was pricked; I've never had a drunken accident before so I think I could've managed. I'm embarrassed that I repaid her generous act with fussiness during the ride. We stopped at the semi-legendary Bucee's gas station on the way over. We needed to buy Addison a pair of shoes if we were going to gain entry to the GristMill restaurant. While there Amanda yelled at a field-trip group of high school choir kids. I think I was hitting on the girl handing out sausage samples. We were sloppy and stupid. I wish I'd had my camera with me.
We ate at the Gristmill; every time I've gone tubing, we've eaten there so it seems to be part of some unspoken tubing ritual. The restaurant overlooked the river and semi-feral cats prowled the grounds for scraps while keeping their distance. The food and time to rest did us some good.
Amanda's passed out on the bench, Daniel looks lost, and I'm staring into the ether.

I was okay to drive myself and Addison back to Austin after dinner. On the way he repeatedly offered to give me a 'roadie beej'. I guess it was flattering? That's a standing offer that I'll probably never cash in. Heh, it just amuses me how the only times I ever have genuine conversations about sex, it's always with either lesbians or gay guys. Anyways, we all pretty much were worthless once we got back home, succumbing to the need to eat Taco Bell and watch Bob's Burgers.

This morning while everyone was sleeping it off, I got up early and drove back to the river. I'd left my credit card there as a tube deposit and I wanted to at least try to find my camera. It had a bright yellow floaty tied to it, so I thought there was a chance I could spot it. I was able to narrow down the likely area within 150' stretch of river but that's still a lot of riverbed to cover. The river was very pretty and quiet this early in the day, without any tubers or families there. There were just a few swimmers and a group of scuba people. I crisscrossed the river, bobbing up and down to the bottom. I found some sunglasses and someone's keys, but no camera of mine. After about an hour of swimming against the current to stay in place and diving to the bottom (with a mild hangover to boot), I was spent. I don't know what I was more upset over; the financial loss or the loss of the photos of our girls looking good. It was an old, buggy camera anyways so whatever I guess. I left town without remembering to pick up my credit card, so it was a wasted trip.

Even with that taken into account, it was still a fun day. Next time I'll adjust my drinking to the Goldilocks zone and plan things better. I've got at least two other tubing events on my summer calendar already and I'm looking forward to each one.

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Friday evening I had tickets to go to the Perot Museum's 'After Hours Adult Event' with Stephanie and Josh. From the website's description it sounded like a fun blend of drinks and scientific learning. Ever the optimist, I'd purchased two tickets a month ago, expecting to have someone to go with. Katie volunteered to come along to round out the group. Rush hour was obnoxious, causing us to get there after Josh and Steph had arrived. Once there, I was disappointed to find out that drinks were NOT included with admission (the website was a bit misleading about that). Fortunately, I'd done my drinking before we'd arrived so I was little inconvenienced by this development.
The event was not what I'd expected. Rather than having lectures/speakers/a presentation, it was basically just: you're free to wander around the museum with over-priced drinks. I bought a couple of $6 beers anyways. I might have enjoyed the museum except that there were so many people there that all the fun interactive exhibits were always full and the crowds made it difficult to just stroll and peruse. I gained more entertainment from people-watching. It was a consistently young, urban, smart crowd. (What I'm saying is the girls were cute and nerdy! XD) I think every guy there was wearing a blazer and ironic glasses; I didn't know that was the event's dress code. Regardless, we still managed to have fun. I liked the 'Human Floor' most. It was some plasticized cross-sections of people (ala Human Worlds), an infrared camera that revealed that Stephanie's outfit was X-ray-able, and a cool projector that could display the arteries and veins of anything you stuck in it. Morbidly fascinating, and I'm sure I wasn't the only guy to wonder what else you could stick in there.

Saturday was the 'Great Foodening' party hosted by Stephanie and Josh. As I was staying in a hotel, I couldn't really cook/bake anything. I'd planned to buy a booze gift on the way, but it wasn't until I reached Forth worth that I realized I'd forgotten my wallet. So I arrived empty-handed without a gift. Call me the Little Drummer Boy. Pa-rum-pa-rum-pum. The spread was pretty good due in large part to Katie's abundant contributions. I knew virtually everyone there, which made this a very comfortable gathering. The only person I didn't know was Courtney's new boyfriend. I was curious where and how she conjured him up from so quickly, but of course it wasn't my place to ask. For her sake I hope she didn't jump into a relationship too quickly again.
After the initial gorging, we played Cards Against Humanity and then half the crowd went outside to smoke hookah while us squares watched the latest episodes of Adventure Time and Archer.
Later that evening a tipsy Lisa pulled me aside to say that she and Nick missed me, now that Courtney and I were no longer together. Even though she'd always have her BFF's back, we were still cool. That was very sweet of her to say and helped assuage my worry that breaking up with Courtney meant that I was also breaking up with them. I wanted to re-assure her that we'd still manage to hang out, but the only sure thing I could think of was, "Well, we've always got Dragon*Con." She corrected me, "No, we'll always have McAllen and," two embarrassing things that we share. Pervy Kevin must've heard us talking about porn because he parachuted into the conversation and spooked Lisa, thus ending our moment of bonding.
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Ooo, it’s been a fun, busy holiday break. It’s so difficult going back to being responsible again.
Christmas-y poos
We finished up our work in Denton on the 22nd. I stuck around for an additional day when I found out that my mom was visiting my brother. I didn’t want to make separate return trip to pay my respects on Christmas, so this was a fortunate coincidence. We spent the day entirely at their place; my mom ooh-ing and aah-ing over baby Lilly, Kat and Cameron playing video games, while I fiddled with cosplay. It was a low-key but still pleasant visit.
Before I left DFW I also visited David and Kelly’s place, where I’ll be staying this year. They’ve got a nice house with plenty of space and better yet, they’re remodeling the place. I’ll be able to make use of my dormant carpentry skills and lends them a hand (and my power tools). I’m excited about staying there.
Back in Austin I jumped straight into building the Man Cave version 4.0. It’s not the highest priority project on my list, but it’s such a big project that I need to get it done while I still have my spacious house to work in. I like to think this will be the final version of this party tent.
Jenny, Beauty, and Mel came by for the remnants of my Krampusnacht celebration. Having just arrived back in Austin the day before, I only had enough time to get the basic party refreshments; honestly, this was just an excuse to do some drinking without eggnog or ugly sweaters. We chilled at my place for an hour before relocating to a karaoke bar down the road. There were a lot of black people there, for some sort of Xmas gathering, it seemed. The one young goth couple was amusingly out-of-place. On our way out we met a cute faux-hawked girl by the name Maybelline. Yeah, seriously.
Between Krampus and Karaoke, I was too worn out to join Jenny and Beauty for their LudaCristmas bar crawl the next night. The highlight of my Christmas was going to see “Django Unchained.” It was pretty cool. When I returned from the theater, I was surprised to find my mom at my house. Apparently she’d left Dallas a day early, to avoid the ice and snow forecasted for the 26th. I only had to endure the motherly inquisition for that evening; she left early the next morning.

Between finishing up the Man Cave and starting to move my furniture into my new storage unit, I also fixed up Ice King and made a new Dolan head to wear for Ikkicon on Saturday. I hadn’t found anyone to room with so I had half a mind not to go but I knew this would be my last chance to see my cosplay buddies for a few months.
It definitely wasn’t easy handling/putting on Ice King without a handler. It took me two hours to get it from my truck and put it on in the hotel lobby bathroom. When I realized I’d forgotten a key piece of the costume I was really tempted to say “Fuck it,” but I improvised a fix. I knew it wouldn’t look good.
Ice King photo under the cut because I can't look at, and notes to myself on how to fix it )

Despite the problems, Ice King got a lot of praise, being hailed as both the “best” and “creepiest” Ice King ever. I knew that was a possibility when I made the costume. Sightless eyes often tend to unsettle people. Heh heh.
I changed out of Ice King quickly so that I could go assist Jenny and Beauty with their own over-sized costumes at the cosplay contest. While at the truck I poured myself a big, stiff drink. Without a room (and room party) to call my own, I figured this was my best chance to get into the ‘con spirit’. In hindsight, this was a poor decision. I’d been so busy with my costumes that I hadn’t eaten that day and wearing Ice Kin had dehydrated me, so the rum packed a much faster, stronger punch than normal.
I was fairly buzzing by the time I got back to the con. I had no badge to get into main programming with, so I ninja-ed my way in behind a group of photographers. We still had an hour to wait for the contest to start. I sat with Jenny, Beauty, and Cat for awhile before noticing Crystal’s TTGL group sitting a row behind us. I went to go chat with them. I got a little too handsy during Crystal’s show-and-tell about her costume. Or maybe I had been stroking my own thigh; I’m not 100% what exactly happened. Either way, I regret that blunder.
When the cosplayers went backstage I sat with Amanda, Juby, and new-friend Anne. Juby lent me one of her sizable camera lenses. It was so big that at first I thought it must’ve been her boyfriend’s; since when do women focus on the size of their equipment? If I’d been sober I would’ve been more excited about playing with a new toy. As it was though, I was more like, “How do I camera?” We were soon asked to vacate the first 3 rows to make room for the “VIPs”. No problem. But rather than see industry guests and cosplay pros come in, it was just normal weaboo shlubs. Apparently they paid an extra fee to get the good seats. I don’t know if I approve of that.
Overall, the cosplay participants had some solid, well-done costumes. I was surprised at the level of quality, given the relatively small size of Ikkicon’s attendance. After the contest we went to dinner at a delicious Thai restaurant. The sobering walk there and back helped buy me some time but my memory gets spotty after that. From what I remember, it was a fun night.

New Year’s Eve
Traditionally we have our NYE party at Jenny’s and Beauty’s. With them moving out this month, that was looking doubtful for awhile. But they held on and hosted another one. This year the theme was ‘the Future!’. I found that it’s hard to make a futuristic costume that isn’t post-apocalyptic (which was last year’s theme). Indeed, only Jenny and Stephanie made costumes of any relevance; I shed my own costume within minutes of arriving. The house was soon filled to bursting with people and booze. The weather outside was too cold and wet for anyone but the most determined smoker to brave. I managed to stay Goldilocks-drunk and Beauty took up my duties/camera as videographer. Midnight came way too soon for my liking. People did start to disappear after that, but a good core of revelers stayed with us till around 4 am. It was good times.
Oh yeah, and this happened. Yup, the ole Dress-and-Shirt-Swap. I thought I'd see some boobs in the process, but somehow I was hoodwinked.

And then this was the . . . most coherent video that Beauty shot with my camera.

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Another Dragon*Con is in the books. This was the best one yet. I wish I didn’t have to wait a whole year to go again!
Dragon*Con 2012 )

Like other Dragon*Cons, I wish I could’ve spent more time with those people I don’t see anywhere else, or got to meet more new cosplay acquaintances. Only getting to meet certain people once a year places maybe too much hope and expectation on chance encounters, I suppose. But I am happy with one new development to come out of Dragon*Con. I can confidently call Nick & Lisa my friends now. Even though we all hung together quite a bit at Anime Expo this year, I still considered them just my ‘girlfriend’s friends’, and thus just acquaintances of mine. I’m not one to quickly or easily warm up to new people, so this development means something to me. All the cosplay fun and drunken shenanigans aside, that was the best part of Dragon*Con for me.
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I couldn't go up to Dallas this weekend. The next best thing I could do was attend Tiffany's semi-Going Away party on Saturday. I hadn't been able to hang out with Tiffany (and/or Heather) since . . . forever, so it was a welcome opportunity. It was a fun, casual evening filled with booze, pizza, and games. Good times.

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Hell, I'm tired right now. But at least I'm home in Austin, for the moment.
The biggest thing on the radar right now is A-kon. That's next week, which means I'll be cramming like hell to try and finish Sechs for it. Obviously I under-estimated how much work it would be to re-make this costume in a month. That's a tall order for a cosplay tortoise such as myself. (I don't believe in russian cosplay!) My Eelai won't be appearing at A-kon, which is sad but it helps to take a bit of pressure off of this deadline. If I finish Sechs, great, if not, well, there's always AX or D*C. Besides, I'll still have Finn to wear around for fun and if all else fails I can dust off a reliable costume like Slade or Wybie. We'll just have to see how this next week goes.
I managed to secure hotel lodging for A-kon with some old cosplay acquaintances. Either I'm way out of the loop nowadays or I just waited too long to start making concrete plans. It seems like everyone's all over the place this year.
My brother will be there too. He's got a Warhammer tournament or something. Not something that really interests me, but we'll probably get together for dinner and a teaspoon of alcohol for him.
In summary, my A-kon plans are all a-jumble but I don't mind. If cosplay and the room situation falls through, I don't care. I'm only going so I can see my friends again and have fun drinking times with them. That's the sort of stuff that can't be planned.

But in the meantime, I gotta get to work!
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I know All-Con is a month in our rear-view mirror, but I hand-wrote this post and it's been sitting on my desk collecting dust. Might as well upload the damn thing!

Short All-Con report )
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The past 8 evenings I've kept myself occupied with cosplay work. I've run out/burnt out of that. Three more days/nights to go of working here in Nowhere, Texas. I'm drinking wine as fast as I can swallow it, which normally alters my stats enough that I'm easily entertained by next to nothing. And there's plenty of nothing here. ;) But tonight, wine ain't enough. I'm still plenty bored and listless. (God, why haven't I quit this job yet?)

Oh yeah, good news! After 10 days or so of having a defective left leg (see "Kyoto"), it's finally showing some signs of returning to (semi-)normalcy. I was really starting to worry, wracking my meager medical knowledge to try and determine what I'd done to myself. If I'd torn my muscle, it might take 2-4 weeks to heal. Separated a ligament? 1-2 months of agony. That numbness that I constantly feel, like part of my leg is perpetually asleep and in aching agony? Maybe that's nerve damage: permanent. Etc etc. Sure, I could still walk, and with a bit of mental fortitude against the pain, conceal my limp. But if it's permanent . . . heaven forbid!
Today, for the first time, there was no limp and no pain. To be honest, my knee still goes to 'yellow alert' occasionally, but it doesn't hit the panic button like it had been doing. I think I'll give it another week of light duty assignments. Then I'll try running again. I tried that last week to test myself and it simply didn't happen. Yes, mucho pain was to be had and even though I was willing to grit my teeth through that, there was still something PHYSICALLY preventing me from running. I might as well have had two peg legs at the Olympics' 100 meter dash. That's what got me worried, that I simply COULD NOT physically do this, despite all my bad-ass machismo.
So you can imagine what a huge relief it is to me to no longer be feeling that constant worrisome pain. I mean, I know it's cool for black dudes to walk with a limp, but for a white guy like me, that just makes me that much older and un-fuckable.

Anyways, I'm bored with you, LJ. You don't talk to me like you used to. I need someone with a heartbeat. Bye.

P.S. Please don't proofread this post. It's not my finest grammar.
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If god comes whispering in my ear
'How do you like the wine?'
I would be just too happy
To offer him,
'Please have some'

Japan Day 2: Shinjuku & Akihabara )
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I took a long-ass lunch today to run down and see hear some music at SXSW. My plan had originally been to leave the office for the day at 10 am, but work multiplied like wet gremlins and lunch was all I could manage. To help me enjoy myself, I pre-intoxicated myself on the way there. Once I got there, I discovered there was FREE BEER! Suffice to say, I didn't actually eat lunch. But hell, calories are calories, amirite?
I could only watch one set, but it was awesome. Rocked my boxers off. I am so coming back for the real Japan Nite tomorrow night. Those dudes rocked. And I was glad to see not one single weaboo or Narutard in the whole crowd. Awesome. And I did meet one cute rock babe there. )

Anyways, that's all I stopped by to say! I'm on my way back to catch some more fun. Tonight's South American music; I know nothing about it other than it sounded awesome online.

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Yup, just six weeks left till Japan! Why does that make me panicky? I dunno, but it does (a little bit)! The other night I had a dream I was on my Japan trip. It was exciting, but the only word I could speak was "buta" (pig). Understandably, that got me into a lot of trouble and the dream ended with all Tokyo demanding my head on a pike. Perhaps that dream belies my dissatisfaction with my language learning progress? Yeah, not learning as quickly as I'd like to. I guess primate brains really do lose their plasticity around 30. It takes much more force to rearrange those wrinkles in the brain (or something). But at least I'm listening to new music! My brain hasn't completely shut it's doors to new concepts! That's when you know you're old; when all new music is shit and Lynnrd Skynnrd is the only real music.
Anywho, yeah. I don't know why I'm a little nervous. Hotels, flights, train tickets, etc are all taken care of. The only part of my trip that hasn't been planned to anal perfection is the last day (I dunno what I want to do with it yet). So really, I have nothing to worry about. Maybe I've just mistaken excitement for nervousness.

In other news, I spent Sunday in Austin. Cameron came to visit to come see Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash at the Drafthouse. I'd almost called the thing off, seeing as it was Super Bowl sunday. I didn't know if downtown would be insane or what. We killed the afternoon by going to the gun range and getting our testosterone's on. Boom boom! It was kinda expensive. Yeah, it would be cheaper to buy a gun than to keep renting them like this. But which to get? Then we went back to my place to fart around till the movie. I started watching the game simply for the commercials but next thing I know, we're making a beer&hot-wings run. Once I'd had a few beers, I was really interested and involved in the football game. Funny how that works, huh?
Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash was fun. Having seen a few installments I'm sad to say they phoned in this year's compilation. I was expecting a lot more from something called the "Best of" Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash. But Cameron was a SHFMB virgin, so he had a ball. I tried to warn him about the reverse-bestiality but there's no way someone can prepare for that.
I thought I'd have Monday night to myself, but Katherine (Cameron's wife) was in town for work. Double-weird! What are these people doing in my town? Usually it's the other way around. She has a weird hang-up about not going out to eat by herself so she called me up and we went to dinner. It was a bit odd; I don't think the two of us have ever actually hung out without my brother present. But I set the boundaries very soon and clearly. This was not a date, so she shouldn't get her hopes up. She had a burger craving; I drove around and chose the Frisco at random. I'd never been there before but had always been curious about it. Man, that place was one old-school diner. And not in a oh-wouldn't-it-be-kitschy-to-make-an-old-fashioned-looking-diner-restaurant way, but in an actual this-diner-has-not-changed-since-the-1930s kind of way. The food was merely mediocre, I enjoyed the ambiance much moreso.
Oh, and her hotel had live-in swans in the lobby's fountain. Poor guys.


Nov. 27th, 2010 04:37 pm
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I went to that art exhibit this afternoon. The place was a little foo-foo fancy-pants for my taste, but the pieces were amazing. The gallery owner (?) girl was all enthusiastic about the pieces and she was cool about letting people touch and photograph them. I really wanted to see the Autumn Sunset kimono whose picture in the paper had caught my attention. She was sad to inform me that it had already been purchased and was gone. Man, it must've been an amazing piece to sell so quickly at it's debut showing. But I did get to see the Winter Twilight kimono, which was (some other word for "amazing") in it's own right. The iridescent glasses, the landscape, even the moon on the back panel glowed in the dark. So much detail and intricate work went into it. I was really impressed. The other smaller pieces were very pretty and I was surprised to discover that all this glass stuff felt soft and comfortable to the touch. Weird. The engineer/cosplayer in me kept studying the pieces, wondering, "How did they make it?" I could vaguely figure out the processes behind the 2-D pieces, but those 3-D sculptures, man, those were mysteries to me. The kimono and the huge dragonfly (the guy was 6 feet tall!) were easily the two main attractions.
I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that this exhibit comes back to Austin after the seasonal kimonos and insect series are done. That would be phenomenal.

The photos don't do the pieces justice, but *shrug* it's not like I could do a photoshoot with them. (Though I believe the kimono totally warrants one!)

cut for a few photos )

That artsy jaunt will probably be the highlight of my weekend. In preparation for my trip to west Texas, I expect I'll be doing a lot of laundry and paperwork over the next couple of days. And I'll need to stockpile some decent booze too; all they sell out there is Bud Light and Coors. I'm not going to be drinking that piss-water every night for the next two weeks, hell naw. Tonight I'll probably throw some more logs on the fire and crack open a few drinks to enjoy my last evening here in Austin.
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It feels like all week I’ve been playing “Catch-Up.” With the internet, work, home stuff, family, friends, etc. Heck, I haven’t even posted in a week. So whaddya say we get that Louisianime post out of the way while I can still partially remember it?

Louisianime )


P.S. I've almost finished editing my Dragon*Con pictures so they'll be up soon . . . ish.
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Yesterday was hectic. My brother had come into town Friday, leaving Dallas immediately after his last final. We hung out for awhile at my place before meeting up with my sister and her guy to go watch the new Robin Hood movie at the Drafthouse. Even with the aid of the bucket of beer I was pretty underwhelmed by the movie. I kept waiting, wondering, "When is he going to start stealing from the rich and giving to the poor?" I did like the whole 'stolen identity' idea, but that was the only aspect that caught my interest. I guess I still prefer the Bryan Adams/Kevin Costner version. After the movie we tried to find Robin Hood: Men in Tights for rent, but had no success. Both my brother and sister say I've lost weight (not a compliment I was fishing for, but appreciated all the same); according to my sister I'm "less puffy than normal." Ha ha ha.
My brother and I spent most of Saturday waiting for my mom to show up. We farted around at Best Buy, Dragon's Lair, GameStop, and we were just about to go to that steampunk event (Green Steam Circus) when we finally received word from my mom that she was in Austin. By then it was 4 pm.
I'd assumed that the whole reason for her drive up was to make some serious plans with us and essentially begin to circle the wagons, just in case things took a turn for the worst. But it was just like any other time she visits; no real agenda other than to sit around and talk and eat. Took them to EZ's and Amy's for fun Austin-ish foods and then we went to go see Iron Man 2. I was only half present, mostly I was thinking of all the packing and reservations and other crap I had to do. And yeah, I was also selfishly thinking of all the other ways I'd like to be spending my last evening in town. I guess it was good to see everyone, but the poor timing just kept me from relaxing and enjoying their company.
Everyone finally left around midnight, giving me just four hours to pack and prepare before my airport shuttle arrived. And boy, it took every minute to get it all done. But I did pilfer a few moments for me and my brother to crack open the fancy Canadian whiskie I'd bought on my flight down. And I even swung by Jenny's and Beauty's to drop some stuff off and to receive my hamster war-name.

Today finds me once again in Calgary, en-route to the work camp. Just before I'd left my boss had told me that when I came back, I'd be a supervisor rather than a field engineer. Technically that's a step up the food chain, but in reality it just adds the stress of being middle management for the same pay of the field hands. I've often voiced in this journal my reluctance to accept greater engineering responsibilities. I'm not a really confident guy, nor am I enough of a hard-ass to wrangle these young punks they've contracted to do the work. So . . . . it's probably going to be a bit rough, at least at the start. *shrug* I don't know.
Either way, here I go again!
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my weekend back in Austin )

These weekdays are very boring in comparison to the weekend. I leave back to Canada on Thursday morning so in the meantime I’m just trying to keep busy during the day with chores and other ‘responsible’ stuff. Yup, boring.
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I had actually started writing a fun light-hearted post this morning, but everything went fucking bonkers this afternoon and now I'm too stressed, aggravated, and tired to follow through with the funny stuff.
The good news: After two days of being in limbo, I will finally be getting on a plane to Calgary tomorrow. So that means no more wondering and waiting. It's really going to happen.
The bad news: Once I get there, I'll have a dozen different things to pay for that I can't afford and my company's being a penny-pinching dildo about giving me any money in advance. They won't even give me money for food and lodging (which are basic needs), but they expect me to also be renting a car, chartering a flight to the Fort, and buying $300 snow boots, amongst other things. What the fuck? They sign my paychecks. They know I don't make that kind of money. When I get up there they'll have to cough up the money somehow, so I don't know why they're being so damned stubborn about it.
*sigh* So tomorrow's gonna be a lot of not-fun. Once I get on the plane I'll be able to relax; someone else will be holding the reins for the 7-9 hours it takes to get there. Right now though I'm still pretty wound up. I want to stay in tonight and relax, but since my cupboard is bare, I think I'll go somewhere that serves beer and have a long, indulgent dinner. That should help me decompress. Oh, and if I have enough steam left over after that, I'll go to 6th Street and get my official Texan uniform to wear tomorrow. ;)
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And another weekend bites the dust.
Saturday . . . I spent half the day at a training thing for work. 7 am to 1 pm. That blew chunks. Once I got back home I farted around until it came time for the Be-jewelled Sweater Spectacular (otherwise known as Cat's birthday party-thing). We all gathered at Mitch&Matt's place to work on cosplay and sweaters. Half the people took off to Goodwill to find the appropriate sweaters. The rest stayed behind to work. We popped "Rescuers Down Under" into the tv to have some background noise, and although I haven't seen that movie in nearly 20 years, I started quoting that thing verbatim. It freaked me out; it was as if Disney had programmed me ala the Manchurian Candidate. It wasn't as bad as when it happens to be "Aladdin," but still, it was a bit frightening.
After they got back from shopping we went to Razzoo's for Cat's B-day dinner. I'm not a big fan of Cajun food since I have a delicate, gentle, and fairy-like gastrointestinal tract but I figured I'd give it a go and I ordered the big-ass Cajun sampler. The best part about going there were the drinks. Beauty had the right idea of going straight to that menu. We got this huge-ass aquarium of a mixed drink that serves 4. It had punch and vodka and everclear and who-knows-what. We all sipped at it non-stop like parched gerbils at a water bottle. Then my food came and commenced to set my mouth on fire with it's unholy spices. And what did I have to drink to quench my thirst? Just the Gator Punch. . . . . Yeah, that was poor planning on my part.
Back at the apartment we had birthday cake and naughty bedtime stories and worked on stuff and watched a marathon of America's Next Top Model, etc etc etc. We didn't get out of there till 3.
Of course I slept in this morning. My plan had been to go over to Jenny's later to continue working on costume stuff. But I could no longer ignore how messy my house was, or how I was running low on groceries. So instead of cosplay, I just did chores most of the day. Boring stuff, but it feels good to be responsible once in a while.

Our super-awesome adult beverage.

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