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Jun. 11th, 2014 10:56 pm
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This past weekend was A-kon. I ended up rooming with a totally random grab-bag of new people. There was nothing special or amazing about that, though our room party got pretty huge a couple of nights, which ain't for me. I hadn't been able to get the official time off for A-kon as I'd requested, so I had a couple of shifts interrupting/abbreviating my convention. I was mildly hungover when I reported to work Friday morning and that didn't do me any favors. So Friday night I took it relatively easy with the booze. Saturday would turn out to be my cosplay day. I cosplayed all three of the costumes I'd brought along, which is probably a new daily record for me.
As a bonus, Lindsay was also at the con on Saturday. I'd met her online about a month ago and we'd gone on a couple of dates. The dates had gone well enough, aside from the common ailment of struggling to find things to talk about. She's a mild cosplayer and fortunately/unfortunately(?) her friends wouldn't be attending A-kon, which meant that I was her sole option for accompaniment. I didn't have any cosplay or scheduling commitments, so I was content to have someone to bum around with. After an hour or so of text-tag and hide-and-go-seek, we managed to find each other and spent most of the day with each other. The online metrics say we're a very strong match personality-wise. I have trouble reading her though. I can't tell if her quietness and lack of outward expression is just because she's a reserved person, or if she's bored/uninterested with me and thus disengaged. I figure if she weren't interested, she wouldn't have stuck around. It's just weird that I can't discern any positive or negative cues from her.
She certainly looked cute in her Kiki costume. We wandered the con, grabbed some lunch, and went up to my room for awhile so that she could charge her phone. She'd just driven in for the day, so had no charger or change of clothes for that matter. Later on we went to the cosplay contest, which ran long. We got out of there about 10 pm and we were both ravenous and chose to wait in the long lines for the food trucks. By the end of dinner, Lindsay seemed to finally be relaxing/warming up to me. It being 11 pm, I was ready to switch to drinking and socializing. I proposed that Lindsay join me but she declined. After all, she had to drive home and she'd been wearing the same costume all day long. So I walked her back to her car and that was that.
The rest of the night was typical con goodness. I strengthened some friendships, made some new buddies, and unfortunately missed some people that I only get to see this one time of year. That's just how these things go.
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I finally got around to finishing my Dragon*Con entry. The report's kinda dull since I didn't do much cosplaying and don't remember much (because of all the booze), but NONETHELESS I had a FANTASTIC time. More fun than last year's D*C, if that's humanly possible. It was great fun to build on old friendships, rekindle distant ones, and start entirely new ones. I owe it all to my buddies, near and far, who made it a success!! A year is too long to wait for next time!

P.S. No pics just yet. I should have those posted in the next day or two. But here's one pic to curb your appetite.
(The secret word is 'cocktails'!)

Dragon*Con report, if you're interested )
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I couldn't go up to Dallas this weekend. The next best thing I could do was attend Tiffany's semi-Going Away party on Saturday. I hadn't been able to hang out with Tiffany (and/or Heather) since . . . forever, so it was a welcome opportunity. It was a fun, casual evening filled with booze, pizza, and games. Good times.

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I know All-Con is a month in our rear-view mirror, but I hand-wrote this post and it's been sitting on my desk collecting dust. Might as well upload the damn thing!

Short All-Con report )


Mar. 30th, 2011 06:55 pm
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The sun has almost disappeared
Once again.
And now I can't see you
Once again.

Japan Day 6: Hakone to Kyoto )
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I took a long-ass lunch today to run down and see hear some music at SXSW. My plan had originally been to leave the office for the day at 10 am, but work multiplied like wet gremlins and lunch was all I could manage. To help me enjoy myself, I pre-intoxicated myself on the way there. Once I got there, I discovered there was FREE BEER! Suffice to say, I didn't actually eat lunch. But hell, calories are calories, amirite?
I could only watch one set, but it was awesome. Rocked my boxers off. I am so coming back for the real Japan Nite tomorrow night. Those dudes rocked. And I was glad to see not one single weaboo or Narutard in the whole crowd. Awesome. And I did meet one cute rock babe there. )

Anyways, that's all I stopped by to say! I'm on my way back to catch some more fun. Tonight's South American music; I know nothing about it other than it sounded awesome online.

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Yeah, as if.
Don't ask why I haven't posted in a month. I could cite half a dozen lame, half-baked reasons.
Anyways, life is the same as I last reported. Working out of town, no social or romantic life back home, etc etc.
The only bit of new news is that I'm a mere week away from my trip to Japan. A few dingbats I know are saying, "You're not going to Japan! The whole nation is fucked up!" I know they're wrong, but it pisses me off to have their ignorance raining on my parade. I don't care if I get off the plane and spend my entire 10 days filling sandbags and working at a soup kitchen; I'M GOING TO HAVE A JAPAN ADVENTURE, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER.
I kinda gave up on the crash-course-Rosetta-Stone a week or two ago when it became obvious I wasn't going to do a John-Travolta-from-'Phenomenon' and learn the language in record time. So I'll just have to rely on the cosmopolitan-ality of the Tokyo-ites to make up for my lingual ignorance.
Even though I know Japan's gonna be a whole other level of fun and adventure, I still feel like I've gotta jam-pack as much fun as I can into my last week here State-side. SXSW is coming up; I plan to spend at least one night checking that out. Next weekend is Anime Matsuri and All-Con. My friends seem to be equally split on which con they're going to. It apparently boils down to: cosplay or drinking. I haven't put together any great new costumes so I'm leaning towards the drinking con. Hell, if it's my last chance to hang with my friends for awhile, you better believe I'm gonna booze it up with them.
So yeah LJ, that's all I have to say for now. Sorry for the recent dearth of entertainment. Life is just dull often sometimes.
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Last night's party was lots of fun. I was expecting more costumes, but for those who did wear one, bravo! Matt & Mitch's costumes were by far the funniest. My costume was funnier in my head than it was in reality. *shrug* I think there should be more eye patch cosplays in my future; wearing one is like an instant +10 coolness bonus. Even though Stephanie said she was po', she still managed to offer up quite a spread at the table. If I hadn't been so busying downing the suds, I would've really dug into the food. Oh! And Amelie brought along this cool ass jack-o-lantern with a really elaborate carving of an Alien (from the movie Aliens) on it. In hindsight I should've gotten a picture of it. I'll never see an equally cool jack-o-lantern for the rest of my life.
I guess technically, we didn't _DO_ anything at the party other than drink and hang out, unlike last year's party with all it's zombie events. This party was still tons of fun, regardless. I would upload pics if it weren't for the fact that my camera cable is in my Dallas hotel room.
I've been dragging ass today. It's okay, I knew the price of this ride. The hang-over's been chiefly in my stomach, which won't settle down regardless of how much food I put on top of it. I spent the afternoon packing and getting ready to head back to Dallas until I got a phone call saying I wouldn't need to go back till Wednesday, due to all the rain.

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Mmm boy, I'm having fun today. Woke up and got to working on vest, figuring out boot-covers, etc. Then headed to Jo-Ann's to buy one (and ONLY one) yard of fabric. For some reason that place was like an Artist's Alley today; there were a whole bunch of people with little folding tables set up for random craft-y stuff. If I had had my camera I would've taken a picture of this one lady's table that had a sign that said, "Need help with a costume? $1.50 per hour of help" Ha ha ha. I could just imagine some cosplayer coming in with armfuls of fabric and reference pictures: "I'm making a Trinity Blood costume. Help!" I don't think cosplayers are her target group, but it would be funny. While I was waiting my turn in the cutting line, I was standing next to the sewing machines when the voices in my head started talking. "Hey Cody, check out that machine. It's got those features you want. And all steel parts, OOooo. You're gonna be sewing leather for your TRF costume; no one's gonna want to lend you their sewing machine to sew leather with. You NEED your own sewing machine. And you've got that new credit card with no interest for 6 months. Now's the time. Pick up that box and put it in your cart. It's that easy. You need it in your life. Do it." I almost gave in. Buying a sewing machine with less than 5 minutes of thought put into it. But I resisted. Soon though, very soon.
After that I went next door to Spec's to get booze for tonight's costume gala. That got me excited too, all that happiness in those little cans, just waiting to be born. Then I went to Backstage Bazaar to get other costume-y stuff. The gay guy there showed me a simple technique for the make-up I want to do. Hopefully I can do it as well as he did; I'm gonna spend the rest of the afternoon practicing.
So yeah, I'm having a ball today. TRF costume, party costume, booze, learning new cosplay skills. I haven't been able to do this stuff for so long now. It's fun!
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Since it's nearing the end of the year, I've got vacation time that I need to use or lose. Me and Star decided to burn it this weekend, so we're both taking a four-day weekend. So last night, once I got home and the "weekend" started, I felt like celebrating. The day at work had been hectic and there had been threats that I wouldn't get a weekend off, so I felt especially celebratory when I finally did escape work. I wanted to go out to eat, but with Christmas and this mini-vacation coming up, we decided to save our pennies and stay in instead. But I still wanted to celebrate. So instead, I thought I'd drink all the old booze we had left over from parties past.
cut for the squeamish )
So long story short, that's why I'm up at 6 am on my day off, cleaning my bathroom.

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