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I've spent today cleaning my house, clearing out the mess left behind by Christmas and cosplay. And getting ready to head out to West Texas tomorrow. I'd like to stay in town. I seem to be so much more productive when I'm here at home. But oh well. I had a great week of fun so I don't mind so much. I think the next weekend I'm back in town I'll head up to Dallas to get fabric for my next cosplay and also to enlist my brother's help in exploding the small mountain of fireworks in my living room.

I'm too lazy to upload all my photos just yet, but here's one from New Year's Eve. There was a lot of pink there, apparently.

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I got into town last night and was pleased to find a bunch of Christmas cards in my overstuffed mailbox. Considering they're probably all the 'presents' I'll be getting this year, I was happy to find them. Another unexpected bit of good fortune; my ex-landlord sent me back $600 of my $800 deposit. Wow. I'd thought I'd never see a penny of that again. In addition to that, my company gave me a small holiday bonus since I've reached the 5-year employment milestone. Plus, my credit card bumped my limit up by a $1000, since I've been with them for a year now. Yay for surprise money!
With these new funds plumping up my bank account, I went ahead and reserved my plane ticket for Japan. It's the biggest expense of the whole trip, but I needed to finalize that first before I could plan out the rest. So now I'm dialed in for 10-days, 10-nights in Japan. Wooo! Now that I can finally start planning and scheduling events and places, I'm getting really excited. It's hard not to get carried away.
But the trip-planning's gonna have to wait a couple days. My family's coming in to town tomorrow so I've got an ass-load of organizing and tidying-up to do at my new place. It'll be fun to see them I suppose, I just wish I had a little more time to myself to relax first. Oh well.
So I may not be online too much in the next few days but I really hope everybody out there has a fun, stress-free holiday.
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Woo! Finally sent out my Christmas cards last night. About a week later than I would've liked, but at least they'll get to everybody in time (hopefully). I'm especially pleased with the Brutal and Booze cards. The Snowflake ones didn't come out as cool as I imagined them to be, but oh well. I hope y'all like them and if you don't, well so what? I enjoyed making them.
Oh and I bought my ticket to the Ghibli Museum today. A small bit of planning, but my first concrete step towards Japan. Woo! It sucks that you can't take photos in that place, but I shall respect their wishes. I should probably reserve my plane ticket pretty soon too.

Short post end.

So anyhoo,

Jan. 5th, 2010 07:12 pm
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I was pretty busy that week between Christmas and New Year's. So busy in fact, that I didn't write nothing. Now I've got the time!
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Derpa derp

Dec. 3rd, 2009 07:50 pm
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Let's see . . . so that crazy-weird snow a couple days ago kicked me out of Dallas. Even though that blew a royal-sized hole in my work schedule, on the plus side, it gave me the opportunity to get my ass back to Austin and slam down a deposit on that house I wanna get (chase that silver lining, Cody!). It took all of 15 minutes to get that lease squared away, I was surprised at how easy it was. Unless everything goes haywire, I should be getting the keys tomorrow. Oo yay! I won't have any utilities for a week or two, but I've got all month to move in. I'm just glad that I've got the living situation thing taken care of.
Of course, my wallet is at death's door since I have to pay TRIPLE RENT this month. Woof. It's gonna be tight, but I should be okay as long as I'm careful the next couple weeks. *holds breath* It's kinda lame, since right now Best Buy's offering a bundle package on HD tvs and PS3s for $1000 off. That's a steal (and I do need a tv for my new place). But it's bad timing for me.
Oh! And I sent out the Christmas cards today. Yay! With that I've fulfilled my holiday duties. Family said, "Don't buy any presents and nobody visits nobody, because we're all broke." I'm okay with that. Since I don't have any presents to buy this year, I allowed myself to splurge on the cards a little. Though now I have a buttload of leftover cards and stamps. I might just start sending them to people whether they want one or not.
That means Christmas is shaping up to be a quiet non-holiday for me. Liz will be celebrating with her family so I'll have the apartment mostly to myself. I think I'll use the days off to pack and move into my new place. Not the most enviable way to spend the holidays, but it's the only guaranteed time I'll have off. Gotta make hay while the sun shines, right?

Last call!

Nov. 30th, 2009 05:55 pm
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You know you want a piece of this live, hot, Christmas card action. Speak now or forever hold your peace! I'll be sending them out this week.
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Spring Break 2014!!!! Wooo!


Dec. 29th, 2008 11:28 pm
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I'm a bit too tired to write a Christmas re-cap post. I've got two more days to move my stuff out of my old apartment. It was funny, as soon as I went on Christmas "break," I kept thinking, "Dang, I shouldn't have spent so much time packing and cleaning up, I haven't bought any presents or decorated or sent cards or anything!" So all weekend I relaxed and visited family members (both mine and Liz). Now I'm thinking, "Dang, I shouldn't have spent all weekend doing Christmas-y stuff; I should've been packing and cleaning!"
Anywho, the main point of this post was to ask if anyone wants a futon and/or baby-microwave? Since Liz and I are combining households apartments, we've got a few redundant items. The futon is solid wood (not particle board) with a black mattress and the microwave is white. If anyone in town wants it, I'll deliver it, all to avoid hauling it to my new place just to eventually take it to Goodwill.


Dec. 23rd, 2008 04:58 pm
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Apparently I _don't_ have Christmas Eve off. Which makes completing my Christmas shopping difficult. I don't have the time or money to do it right. I don't know why my company gave us the 26th off. What am I supposed to do with that day? It's not even a holiday. I'd much rather have the 24th off. That's a more important day than the 26th.
Pfft. Well, whatever. I might just have to go the cop-out route and get gift certificates for everyone. Lame sauce to the max.
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Bleh. A two-day workweek. This is gonna be such a bore. I'll bet things are either going to be hella slow and boring, or crazy insane Emergency Warp work because most of our people are taking the week off. But it's only two days, so either way, I'll bumble my way through it.
I finally started some Christmas shopping yesterday. I figured the time was ripe, four days before Christmas. My job gave me a gift card as it's little holiday token of goodwill, which I promptly turned into presents for other people. I'm still not too enthusiastic about spending money unnecessarily, but it seems there's no escape from Xmas responsibilities. At least none of my family is coming by for the holiday. Woo! I get to be lazy and relax.
Next year I'm sending out Christmas cards. I always want to do it when I see people on LJ gathering up their flists, but I always feel like I missed my chance to be first to have that good idea. So I'm swearing that next year, CARDS!


Dec. 29th, 2007 05:12 pm
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The five-day Christmas “weekend” was great and yet, there’s another one right around the corner. I need to get this LJ post turned out before I fall any further behind!
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Last night me and Star went to the Trail of Lights. It was pretty dang cold and probably the busiest night of the season, but it was fun. I was tripping balls at a couple points and I liked the blue tree the best. The crowds were so bad and stupid that I wanted to start trampling all the kids and other idiots that couldn't check their blind spot while wandering through the crowds. There was a mini-train running through the park. I wanted to ride it for awhile, but then I thought it'd be more fun to tie some midget to the tracks to see what would happen.
This morning I was supposed to head home for Christmas. Me and Star were going to go have lunch before I left and once I got into the truck, it wouldn't start. Nope, nuthin. It's a 2007 Ford Ranger, still under warranty, never had problems before, but right when I'm about to head home, it quits. And since this is Christmas weekend, none of the dealerships are open. Soooooo it doesn't look like I'll be able to get out of here. You can imagine how disappointed I am that I have to stay here with my girlfriend rather than drive 300 miles through holiday traffic to spend 3 days of sheer boredom with my family. I am DEVASTATED. ;)
I haven't been able to get in touch with my mom yet; I don't know how I'm going to convince her that I'm not making this up, or that I didn't sabotage my own truck. It's a little _too_ convenient, I'll admit. But I'm totally innocent!

Star however, doesn't have an alibi.
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I love tryptaphane (?).
But other than that, slow, boring day. No presents, lots of IOUs. Thank goodness we've got a PS2 to whittle away the hours. Mostly it's just amounted to FFXII, Deadwood, and Avatar. And eating. Turkey. Bored bored bored. And I'm on dial-up, so the internet offers no refuge either.
Ah well, I guess we'll go watch some more (&&#$%!@ Deadwood. Now that's Christmas television!
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I always tend to screw up Christmas (all holidays, for that matter); this one's no exception.
This time tomorrow I'll be on the road with the other bazillion holiday travelers driving home for Xmas. Then after that I've gotta dive into the last-minute shopping insanity and buy presents. Bleh. I'll probably also have to put up the Christmas tree, decorate it, wrap presents, mow the lawn, burn the trash, go visit my extended family, socialize, attend midnight mass--argh! What a pain in the butt. What also stinks is that my mom doesn't have internet or cable (but she does have rats in the attic to keep me awake at night) so everytime I visit it's like a little bit of Purgatory.
Then on the 27th I've gotta get back up here and try to move into a new apartment, which I haven't found yet. Fill out applications, clean the apartment, pack up my belongings, cancel my utilities, check-out, forward my mail, move out, unpack, etc.
Heh heh. So where will I be on New Year's Eve? Probably passed out from exhaustion on the floor of some dark apartment without water or electricity, surrounded by boxes and boxes of my crap.

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Who's spending too much on cosplay? Mmmm, how about that boy with only $9 in his bank account? Wheee! Dude, I really overdid it this month. I suppose I could cut down on my food budget, that'd give me some extra funds. It's either that or cosplay, ha ha ha. Those are my two main . . . optional expenses. Ah, it's cool. I get paid this week anyways. But seriously, I need to get out of this habit of throwing money at cosplay. I need to swallow my pride and do more shopping at Goodwill, even though it smells there. Heck, even Habitat for Humanity has this secondhand hardware store, I should go there for my hard cosplay needs. That's something to consider.
Ah, but I haven't even bought any Christmas presents yet. Egh . . . I don't really wanna. The people I'm obligated to get gifts for (mi familia), they're all broke so it's not like I can expect anything in return. Plus, I don't really know what to get them anyways. My runt brother's easy to shop for, but everyone else . . . *shrug* hell if I know what they want. Bath&Bodyworks for the girls, sausage&cheese sampler for the guys! Pfft. Lame.
I'd rather spend money on presents for friends; I've got a better idea what they want (how could I not, with all these wishlists darkening the skies?). That'd be more fun. But the gift-giving heirarchy goes: family, friends, co-workers, ex's, etc. I can't buy for friends until I get stuff for the family unit. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Blah blah blah.
Ah well, I'll figure out something.

P.S. Ha ha. Less than five minutes after this post, I was looking for my keys so I could go to Home Depot. *sigh* "Does he ever learn?!?"
I'll start being responsible tomorrow. ;)
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The ACDF "Christmas" party was last night. Oh boy. After a lot of crazy rush-hour carpooling we got to the restaurant only an hour late. We were doing a White Elephant thing, but as busy as I'd been today at work, I hadn't had a chance to buy anything decent. So the present I brought was kinda crappy. But it was wrapped in silk, which I thought would classy it up some, but it didn't. Ha ha ha. Some people actually put some thought into it and brought some pretty nice gifts. I wound up with a little Loli-oriented gift. . . . Cat's donation of the pink suede jumpsuit-thing was probably the most popular. It was just so godawful ugly that it was actually cool.
After din-din we went ice skating. It was "free" skate so we got our skates for free and went out on the ice with about 50 little kid skaters. Only later did we learn that it wasn't actually free. Oops. I had a buttload of fun on the ice. From watching the Olympics, I knew how to skate fast, but the turning and stopping, mmmm, not so good. Ha ha. I must've fallen down dozens of times. I made snow angels, slid into home base, did belly flops, you name it, I did it. I got a little envious of the other ACDF-ers; none of them were falling down. I wanted to go all Tanya Harding on them and whack em in the kneecaps. Then later, I got in trouble with the Skate Security for being armed with a snowball. It didn't matter that it was for self-defense or that I wasn't the one who started the fight, somehow I was the one that got taken aside. Bah. At least I didn't kill/run-over any of the little kids. That would've been bad.
After ice skating we went to see the Christmas lights. It was a nicely decorated little neighborhood but by the time we got there, some of the houses were turning theirs off. Cat-chan made a very nice unique Christmas-y costume and Kimba looked like a gay cat super plumber, but everyone wanted coffee and I couldn't figure out the right shutter speed for the Christmas lights, so I wasn't able to get as many pictures as their costumes warranted. And I was the only one with a camera so I was like, "Oh crap, I better get some pictures." Oh well. At Starbucks we had a little pow-wow about Ikki. It was almost midnight by the time we called it quits.

So today I'm walking like an old man, oohing and aahing everytime I sit, stand, or otherwise move. But I think those two-sizes-too-small skates actually hurt more than all of those crash-landings on the ice.

F5 Family

Dec. 29th, 2005 06:03 pm
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I made it back safe and sound from Christmas holidays. I only had 4 days to spend with la familia, but that turned out to be the ideal length of time. My sister, who's on winter break from college, is stuck there for an entire month since she's got no job. Since she and my mom are perpetually on each other's nerves, I think she only went home because she's broke and all her roommates are gone and she can't stand being by herself.
Truth be told, I would've rather stayed in Austin for the weekend, but that would've earned me a few tongue lashings from my mom. Both my parents were pretty much as I left them. Even though she's on a retiree's limited budget, my mom still manages to maintain her generous waistline. And my dad continues to have frequent stays at the lecal jail when he isn't pawning various belongings to keep the bill collectors at bay. Only this time I went home, the big psuedo-news was that he's sired a girl by some woman with 3 of her own. I was apparently the last to know out of the whole family. I tried to let the news that I have a half-sister go in one ear and out the other. That screw-up has nothing to do with me.
Besides that, the holidays were pretty ho-hum. The obligatory purchase and decoration of a $20 christmas tree on christmas eve, the last minute shopping and wrapping of gifts. Christmas morning sure doesn't have the wondrous excitement it used to when I was a kid. I only buy presents now so that I won't have to hear my family members griping all year long about not getting any gifts. I guess that kinda takes the magic out of it.
And then they say they wanna come up to Austin for New Year's. Ugh.

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