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Tonight's my last night in Austin. I just realized that I've been here for exactly 8 years, to the day. I started my job here on February 1st, 2005; I arrived in Austin just the day before with my old Elantra packed to the gills and checked in to a Super 8 motel. Tomorrow I'm moving on to Dallas, with hopes for graduate school and a new career. My house is practically empty. I'm lying on an air mattress in the living room, nothing else in here but a folding table and chair and my bike. With this emptiness and quiet, I can't help but reflect on these eight years.
I'd made lots of friends, lost most of them, and kept a few good ones. I've gone from being a optimistic, inexperienced engineer to a disillusioned, inexperienced engineer. There was a brief time where I thought I could and would make this my life. Hmph. While moving all of my stuff into storage I realized just how much I'd amassed these eight years and I looked at it all, each bit of it telling me what had been important to me, or what I'd tried to accomplish at one time or another. I'd been in my first serious relationship and engaged. For a brief time I thought that would be my life. In a similar way, i was also naive on that front.
I can't say that I've accomplished much in these eight years, not by any typical standard. It doesn't bother me to admit that. Sure, I can imagine where I'd like to have been by now, or think how things might've been different if I'd made certain decisions sooner, but I know that each step happened in it's time. In my time, at my pace, I got to where I am.
I guess if anything, I just feel a bit sad that this chapter is ending and with it, the level of security and familiarity that comes with such a long stay. That's half the reason I'm moving to Dallas, to divorce myself from the complacency and routine that could undermine my intent to change my career. My office is still here in Austin and I'll still be here on a regular basis, but it'll be as a visitor from now on. I would've liked to have lived here for the rest of my life, and that may yet somehow happen, but for now . . .
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Saturday’s big event was Stephanie's birthday party. I bought booze and stopped by Goodwill to throw together a costume for this "rock-star" themed party. While I was there, I saw this hat. Not appropriate for the birthday theme, but the crazy colors kept pulling at my eyes and a pipsqueak of inspiration said, Hey Cody, you should design your Renaissance costume around this. . . . Okay! So I picked it up as well.
Angelyn and Dice were hosting the party at their house. We watched Family Guy while waiting for everybody to arrive. I was kinda disappointed that us costumed folks were in the minority, but whatever. I changed and started drinking that god-awful bourbon I’d unintentionally purchased. Slowly, people began to arrive. Cat brought cute cupcakes. According to some people they were like (and I quote), “There’s an orgy in my mouth and everyone’s coming!” That was a helluva claim to make, so I had to try the cupcakes for myself. Not bad, but not an orgy either. The fashionista Stephanie showed up super-fashionably late (of course) in her bedazzled Beyoncé costume, and that’s when the party finally got started for real.
It was a fun group to hang out with. I don’t play too often with the Dallas people, so I was pleased to discover that I knew most of them from D*C, or Louisianime, or as Austin traitors. I really need to work on my conversation skills, I find. Hoots and hollers and clumsy quips don’t really count as intelligent conversation.
A&D were swell enough to let me spend the night there too. It wasn’t like I was incapacitated or anything, I just hadn’t properly planned to crash at my brother’s place.

Sunday I went over to my brother’s apartment. I was surprised to find my sister there as well. Apparently they’d also had a late night so we were all in a state of low energy. We went out for lunch and did some shopping. I picked up a pattern for my Renn Faire costume, that was about it. I was disappointed to find out that not just Golden D’or, but the ENTIRE FABRIC DISTRICT is closed on Sundays. Ugh, that was half my reason for coming up this weekend. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to make do with what I can find at Jo-Ann’s.

Normally this is the part where I share the fun photos of the event. I used to think I was fair and considerate about what photos I shared; it’s not like I’m trying to embarrass anyone. But I seem to get more complaints than thanks. A typical response goes like, "Cody, your pictures got me in trouble. I don’t want my parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/church/boss knowing that I drink/smoke/eat junk food/like men/am not British/etc." So the strongly censored, freshly scrubbed album will not include any of the following:

Alcohol consumption,
Use of tobacco products,
Impaired judgment,
Lewd gestures,
Cleavage (boobs OR butt),
Costumes, or
Illegal activity

This was the only photo left. Enjoy living a Mormon lie!
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So where did I leave off last time? Oh yeah, wallet crap. So I spent most of Monday waiting in line at the Driver's License office and then at the bank canceling my card. I was pleasantly surprised when they gave me a replacement debit card right then and there. Once that one little piece of plastic was in my hands a lot of stress and anxiety left me. I could start repairing my plans and schedule with this tool. I never got around to cleaning up the pre-con mess like I'd planned; instead I went to go see Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me. Cried during the first one, and was mildly disappointed with the second. Steve Carrell was as funny as he always is, but I think the story could've been filled out better.
Tuesday I closed up the house and headed to Lewisville to hang out with my brother. But not before stopping in West for kolaches. (Thanks for giving me a new vice, Cat.) Once there, my bro had the brilliant idea to go down to the gun range and rent some guns and shoot em. Hell yeah! He'd been there a few times already. I haven't gone shooting in years, so this would be fun.
When we got there I was agog when I saw the wall of guns to choose from. Everything from pink (yes, pink) purse pistols to M-16s and AK-47s. Wow. On the rare occasions when my Texan-itis flares up and I consider buying a gun, I think about getting a Glock. So that's what I chose. And I'm not really sure why I did, but I chose the smallest, chunkiest, (cutest?) Glock they had. I don't know why it appealed to me; either because it was so compact and dense . . . or because it was cute. But regardless, it shot 9mm rounds, just like all the other Glocks. It's not a toy gun. If anything, I like to think that gun said about me, "This guy is not trying to compensate for anything. He's secure with his barrel length." Cameron picked a bigger, heavier, traditional Beretta. His recent practice and longer barrel enabled him to get some good grouping with his shots. But my mini-barrel was one helluva handicap. It had NO accuracy, even at 7 yards. So as much as I may have liked the portability (and cuteness) of the small Glock, I won't be taking it to the zombie apocalypse. Next time, longer barrel.
For dinner we went to a really nice Japanese steakhouse. Dinner ended up being in the triple digits, but the food was great and I actually had saké that I liked!

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I spent a couple days up in Lewisville with the runt. We didn't do too much, just mostly hung out. He's out of school and has no job at the moment, so his schedule was wide open. Mostly it was going out to eat and video games. It was fun to hang out with him; I should've done it earlier this week. We watched "The A-Team," which had ridiculous action, but exceeded my non-existent expectations.
Today though, has been a fiasco from the start. I go back to Canada tomorrow so I left Lewisville at the crack of dawn to get back to Austin so that I'd have all day to get packed and otherwise organized. When I got back to Austin I noticed that I had a new voicemail on my home phone from Cameron. I wondered, "Why'd he call? To say goodbye or something?" The message: Hey Cody, you forgot your laptop up here.
Aw fucknuts.
I had the laptop power adapter and it's wireless mouse with me in the truck; how had I forgotten the laptop itself? So mere minutes after returning to Austin, I got back in my truck and turned right around back to Dallas. The entire drive back I was kicking myself in the ass. God I swear I am so freaking absent-minded. I don't know what it is. ADD? There's a hole in my brain big enough to sail an aircraft carrier through. All the gingko-biloba and mnemonics in the world won't patch up that hole. Like this weekend, Cameron, Katherine, and I went to this fancy Italian restaurant up there. Something called Mangio's or Mannioto's--I don't know. But it was fancy. Split-level dining room, everything is built out of wood, chandeliers on the ceiling, candles on the tables, etc. I'm like, Wow. Fancy. Good thing I didn't wear jeans today. Sometime during the meal I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I go in there and notice that . . . all of the toilets are stalls.
At this point a normal human brain would have spoken up: Hey Cody, you're in the ladies' room. Get out quick. But not my brain. Mine's got wires crossed or something. Honestly, my thought process was this: . . . Hmm . . . No urinals. . . . Well, this IS a pretty fancy Italian restaurant. I guess over there in Europe, urinals might be considered tacky or vulgar. Stalls are more discrete, I guess. Hm. This is a pretty classy place. They're really European here." So I go do my business, convinced this is normal. Five minutes later I'm washing my hands that a woman comes in the door behind me. Our eyes meet in the mirror (I don't know which one of us was more confused) and THAT'S when I realize I'm in the ladies room. Honestly, I think there's something wrong with my brain.
So I drove back to Dallas, got my laptop, and turned around again. Instead of 3 hours of driving today, I spent 10. Weeee. On the way back I stopped at the Schlotzsky's in Hillsboro for a late lunch. I was displeased to see that they've discontinued my favorite sandwich, but whatever, they're all pretty similar. While eating my sandwich, I bit my lip, with my canine, hard. I jumped an inch out of my chair. My lip is bleeding, that's how deep of a gouge it is. I keep eating . . . and bite myself again. SAME SPOT. I jerk like someone zapped me. God that hurt. Now every time I take a bite of my sandwich, I leave a spot of blood on the bun. The rim of my cup has blood on it. By now my lip's getting a bit swollen where I bit it, so I try to be more . . . mindful of how I'm chewing. But apparently I was over-thinking it because, BAM! I bit myself a third time in the same damn spot. It hurts worse every time! I jumped up again and nearly cursed out loud. I managed to finish eating my metallic-tasting sandwich without further injuring myself. I move on to my chips. The usual. . . . Salt & Vinegar. Normally they're not a problem. Then again, normally I can safely feed myself. One salt-encrusted, vinegar-soaked chip touched my open wound and LIT IT UP. That brought tears to my eyes but since my mouth was full of food, my cry of pain came out only as a moo of pain. That was it. I gave up.
Today has not been my day. I'd prefer to savor my last night here in civilization, but I think it would be wiser to stay home where it's safe (I hope).
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If you, like me, were woken up yesterday morning at 3 am-ish by the sounds of Noah's Deluge (Part II), this news will come as no surprise to you.

Yup, the Guadalupe is flooding. Whitewater toobing sounds a little too extreme (plus it's gotta be hella difficult to hold onto you beer in those conditions). So that means no float this weekend. I'm only going to make this disaster about me just for as long as it takes to say: What the hell?!? Why can't I have any fun?!? All my plans are getting shot in the face! Oh well. This weather provides a good smokescreen for the fact that probably no one was going to show up anyways. But whatever. It's in God's hands now. Now I need to find something else to do.

Today (and probably tomorrow) I'll be heading up to Dallas to harass my brother's ass. It's nothing gay, I just couldn't think of anything else that rhymed with 'harass'. We don't have anything planned to do, but with our powers of boredom combined I'm sure we'll come up with something. (Hopefully it'll involve booze and 'splosions.) I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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I spent most of this weekend sitting on my butt, killing zombies. I'm mostly house-bound at the moment since I need to be watching my money right now. I gotta say, my patience for being poor is starting to wear thin. This has been the most expensive move I've ever done; it's caught me by surprise. Easily over $2000 in extra rent, deposits, fees, bills, and other random 'surprises'. I could really use some overtime to help me get ahead of these bills. I'm just hoping I can get the bulk of it paid off while I'm still under the 'introductory 0% interest' phase of my card; after that the blood-sucking begins. But I shouldn't be all 'the glass is half empty'. After all, while I was in Louisiana last week my boss called me to let me know that I'd be getting a 1.5% pay raise, in recognition of my willingness to work out-of-town for long periods, like in Dallas. I almost chuckled; if they knew how many problems Dallas created for me, I think I'd be getting more than 1.5%. But that's not really relevant. Even though the extra money is almost insignificant, it's the thought that counts, considering that our company has been under a pay-raise and hiring freeze ever since the financial meltdown. The fact that I'm getting anything at all is a significant gesture.
I didn't intend to talk about money. It just came out. Anyways, I went up to Dallas on Saturday to pick up some furniture from my brother. I figured $45 in gas was worth getting a free drafting table and sofa. But they hadn't actually gotten around to buying their new couch so all I got was the table. That was kinda lame. While I was there, I laid my best Austin sales pitch on him to try and talk him into visiting me once in a while. I told him about the upcoming Sherwood Faire and Super Happy Fun Monkey Bash (which I'm trying to gather a group for). While cruising the Drafthouse website, we accidentally clicked on the clip below and impulsively bought tickets for that one-night-only showing. So I guess we're doing that on Wednesday night! Ha ha ha. It looks retarded and fun.

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is NOT what you want to hear when you arrive at a party. But there I was, clueless. All I knew was that I'd received a Facebook invite, so there I was, with bells on.
I was in Dallas today, visiting my brother. Primarily to retrieve my camera which he'd borrowed for his Christmas vacation in Hawaii (that bastard). We farted around all day, doing errands and playing games. That evening I went to a birthday party which I ASSUMED was for someone I knew (I don't want to name names, but the only January baby I know is Lauren). I arrived at Dave & Buster's to be greeted w/ the question, "Who invited you?" I don't know, and it remains a mystery to this very day. But regardless, it was too late to disappear, as the birthday boy and his entourage soon arrived. Apparently, this circle of people hark from the guild called Medieval Times and as soon as they entered, I knew that my hair was not long enough, nor my beard thick enough, to knock mugs with these fellows. Some Latin guy once said, "En vino, veritus," (In wine, is truth) but I like to think, "En vino, amigo," (In booze, are friends.). As long as the beer kept coming, we were all friends. Thankfully, there were a handful of people that I DID know, so I wasn't entirely without some crutch.
So what could've been an awkward night turned out to be quite fun in the end. I'm glad I did manage to have fun, as tomorrow I head out to Louisiana for work again. This time it's New Orleans. I won't have much of an opportunity to experience the city, as I'll be working 12-hour night shifts, seven days a week. That's gonna be a helluva work schedule, but I ain't gonna complain (at least, not where anyone can hear me). I wanted work and lots of hours, and this is the form it's gonna take. I'll take it and like it. Hopefully on the far side of this assignment will be that North Sea job. I'm still looking forward to that.
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I've been meaning to do a year-in-review post for a couple weeks now and if I don't do it already, it' ain't gonna get done. So better late than never. I liked the format that [ profile] opheliasavalon used, so that's what I'll be using. I've gotta say, thank goodness for LiveJournal; I would've forgotten 99% of this year without these cliff notes to refer to.

2009, for what it's worth )
It was a tough year.

Derpa derp

Dec. 3rd, 2009 07:50 pm
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Let's see . . . so that crazy-weird snow a couple days ago kicked me out of Dallas. Even though that blew a royal-sized hole in my work schedule, on the plus side, it gave me the opportunity to get my ass back to Austin and slam down a deposit on that house I wanna get (chase that silver lining, Cody!). It took all of 15 minutes to get that lease squared away, I was surprised at how easy it was. Unless everything goes haywire, I should be getting the keys tomorrow. Oo yay! I won't have any utilities for a week or two, but I've got all month to move in. I'm just glad that I've got the living situation thing taken care of.
Of course, my wallet is at death's door since I have to pay TRIPLE RENT this month. Woof. It's gonna be tight, but I should be okay as long as I'm careful the next couple weeks. *holds breath* It's kinda lame, since right now Best Buy's offering a bundle package on HD tvs and PS3s for $1000 off. That's a steal (and I do need a tv for my new place). But it's bad timing for me.
Oh! And I sent out the Christmas cards today. Yay! With that I've fulfilled my holiday duties. Family said, "Don't buy any presents and nobody visits nobody, because we're all broke." I'm okay with that. Since I don't have any presents to buy this year, I allowed myself to splurge on the cards a little. Though now I have a buttload of leftover cards and stamps. I might just start sending them to people whether they want one or not.
That means Christmas is shaping up to be a quiet non-holiday for me. Liz will be celebrating with her family so I'll have the apartment mostly to myself. I think I'll use the days off to pack and move into my new place. Not the most enviable way to spend the holidays, but it's the only guaranteed time I'll have off. Gotta make hay while the sun shines, right?

Itchy feet

Nov. 7th, 2009 07:54 am
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Tomorrow I'll be heading back up to Dallas and not a moment too soon. I've been working in San Antonio all week just to keep busy. Driving 500 miles a day to and within SA is not how I want to earn my daily bread; it's just too stressful doing all that driving in a city you're unfamiliar with. So yes, I'm looking forward to going back to Dallas. (Yeah, I never thought I'd say that too.)
In other news, it's time for me to start looking for a new place to live. Lease will be up at the end of the year so I need to get it sorted out promptly. I gotta say though, I'm starting to get tired of the annual apartment hop. 5 times in 5 years? Each time I move I usually do get a slightly better place, but I always feel cramped and that I can't really do what I want with the place, since it's not mine. Considering I'd have to own a piece of property to have cartu blanche with it, I'll settle for more floor space instead. (I really just want somewhere to work on hard cosplay without worrying about ruining my living space.) I started searching online this morning for lofts and mini-warehouses, y'know, properties that would have tons of footage and hopefully cost a little less since they're not super nice apartments. But all the lofts turn out to be in hoity-toity downtown and warehouses aren't available for residential leases. I also checked out garage-apartments. Although those usually come with tiny apartments, a garage would make for a great workshop. But those properties are pretty sad/small/old. Next up are the duplexes. I'm not too keen on being cheek-to-cheek with my neighbor, but duplexes seem to have the balance of price and footage that I'm looking for. But at the risk of sounding racist, those properties seem to be mostly in the black or hispanic neigborhoods. I lived there the first year I was here, by accident. Don't wanna do that again.
Ugh, this is so frustrating/depressing.
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First off, more rain has once again shut down work for us. We worked for TWO WHOLE DAYS this week. Pfft. (I need hours!)
That aside, I don't mind having the weekend off. That means more time to work on costume! I think I'll stay here in Dallas over the weekend; I'm just getting tired of constantly driving back and forth and packing and unpacking all the danged time. In costume-y news, I finished the mantle yesterday (in one evening, no less!). I've got an assload of leather left over so I'll have to find ways to incorporate it into my costume. I'm gonna be wearing so much leather, it's gonna be awesome. Today I think I'll go grab some material for my tabard. I'm gonna try and make that garment "dickie-style" because there's already more than enough layers in this outfit. I'm afraid I'm gonna overheat. One part of the costume that's got me stumped is headgear. Yeah, my ranger costume is heavily based off the Lord of the Rings costumes, in which no one wears hats because they all have glorious locks of hair. But I live in Texas and I want something to keep the sun out of my eyes. So it's either sunglasses or a hat. Which one's gonna look better in a Renn Faire costume? Hmm, I wonder. Duh. I'm just having trouble imagining what kind of hat would work with a ranger costume. I'm NOT making one of those dorky Robin Hood hats, so don't even suggest it. But I need something . . .
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Back in Dallas.
Yeah, it was good to be back in Austin for a bit. Work on cosplay, go to drinky parties, and have some days off. But it's also good to be in Dallas again, where I don't have to worry about my paycheck. I need to keep busy.
Today's bit of coolness is when I checked into the hotel the only room they had left was a handi-capable room. Hmm. I've always wanted to try one out, but I didn't know if that was taboo. I assumed that a handicap room would be a lot more spacious, but what if they asked to see my proof of handicappedness when I checked in? Uh, I left my wheelchair in my other pants? Wrong. That'd be embarrassing. Like worse than stealing their parking spot.
I told the hotel clerk, sure, I didn't mind. And boy oh boy, was I right about this room being big. It's HUGE! I've had apartments smaller than this room! I'm pleased because now I have plenty of room for cosplay-y stuff. Heck, I think I'll pitch that tent I bought for TRF, right in front of the TV. I need to practice setting it up, right? ;)

P.S. Everybody needs to watch the Venture Brothers premiere tonight! I'm gonna have my own little one-man viewing party, yay! (Secret viewing hint: keep an eye on Hank's hair)
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According to my camera, I took over 300 pictures of this weekend's party. Upon review, about 290 of them are ridiculously blurry. The moral of this story, Cody? Set your camera settings BEFORE you start drinking. Or just go full Auto, you doofus.

I spent today driving to Dallas and back, in the rain. I was there for all of . . . 40 minutes? Just long enough to clear out my hotel room and GTFO. Actually, no, I was there a while longer after that. I couldn't NOT stop at Golden D'or. Spent about an hour there looking for material for my cloak. Finally I had to go to an upholstery store down the block to find something that would work. Hopefully this will be all of the big stuff I need to buy for the TRF costume; after buying the sewing machine I need to take it easy with the frivolous spending.
I found out today I'll be here in Austin all week, so I finally decided to unpack my bags. Now I'm going to have to start buying groceries and checking the mail and acting like I live here again. Wow, it's gonna be so weird.
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Last night's party was lots of fun. I was expecting more costumes, but for those who did wear one, bravo! Matt & Mitch's costumes were by far the funniest. My costume was funnier in my head than it was in reality. *shrug* I think there should be more eye patch cosplays in my future; wearing one is like an instant +10 coolness bonus. Even though Stephanie said she was po', she still managed to offer up quite a spread at the table. If I hadn't been so busying downing the suds, I would've really dug into the food. Oh! And Amelie brought along this cool ass jack-o-lantern with a really elaborate carving of an Alien (from the movie Aliens) on it. In hindsight I should've gotten a picture of it. I'll never see an equally cool jack-o-lantern for the rest of my life.
I guess technically, we didn't _DO_ anything at the party other than drink and hang out, unlike last year's party with all it's zombie events. This party was still tons of fun, regardless. I would upload pics if it weren't for the fact that my camera cable is in my Dallas hotel room.
I've been dragging ass today. It's okay, I knew the price of this ride. The hang-over's been chiefly in my stomach, which won't settle down regardless of how much food I put on top of it. I spent the afternoon packing and getting ready to head back to Dallas until I got a phone call saying I wouldn't need to go back till Wednesday, due to all the rain.

sewing machine rambling )

I'm a toad

Oct. 9th, 2009 10:12 am
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Because I only come out when it rains, I guess?
Yeah, our grand poo-ba bosses finally gave us the weekend off, in the face of this rain. (That was 18 work-days in a row for those of you counting.) Boy, I need this weekend because I was getting pretty grumpy at work. I had been keeping my spirits up by daydreaming/looking forward to my TRF camping trip, but that's still weeks away so it's silly to get too excited about it just yet.
Fortunately there's some fun stuff going on this weekend. I've been out-of-town/out-of-the-loop for so long that I'm elated that I can finally hang out with people. A costume-themed birthday party on Saturday = cool. I had trouble coming up with an idea for my costume; I'm still not too sure it'll be considered funny, but whatever. After a few beers everything'll be hilarious. So I'll be spending today going to Goodwills to get the stuff, and putting the costume together. Tomorrow during the day I may continue working on my TRF costume. It's nothing too fancy, but considering how slow I am when it comes to soft cosplay, it's going to take me a while.
Sunday I'll be heading back to Dallas. Some people have suggested going to the Texas State Fair, which I haven't been to since I was an 8-year old munchkin. I'm quite curious to see it again, as a grown-up. Is Big Tex still creepy as hell? I dunno.
So yeah, hooray for stuff to do, finally! Woo!
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So Friday I'll be swinging down to Austin for the day to take care of and pick up a few things. Then Saturday Liz is heading to Houston for some family-oriented stuff. I'll be heading back up here to Dallas to hang out at AnimeFest, since I didn't have much else planned anyways. Mostly I'll be there just to take pictures and socialize, though I will bring Wybie because I'm still a little steamed that I only got ONE picture out of wearing him at AX. Hopefully I get to see all the people I haven't seen since who-knows-when. It'll be fun to hang out once again.
So who am I gonna see there? Huh?!?
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To change my schedule.
Late yesterday afternoon, one of the other drill crews drilled into a 5' water line. Boom! Millions of gallons gushing out hour after hour. The city couldn't turn off the flow for six hours. It created a crater large enough to toss a semi-trailer into and deprived some sad neighborhood of drinking water for the evening.
When someone screws up that big, work STOPS as the finger-pointing begins. We are all kicked off the job until further notice. That's bad news, but the silver lining is that I DO get to go home this weekend after all. I think I'll be helping Cat move a bit, but other than that I have no plans. I figure everyone will be busying prepping for AFest. Ah well, even if I don't find anything to do, being able to sleep in my own bed for a few nights will make the drive worth it.
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So, my work "week" has been extended another week here in Dallas. Since Labor Day weekend's next weekend the bosses figure, "Hey, just work through this weekend and you can have the next one off." Pbbft. My hotel reservation was up today (since I'd been told we'd be going home). It would've been easy to just extend my stay, but I'm tired of that commute to Carrollton each day so I looked for a new hotel.
My company only gives me $40/day for hotel expenses, which really limits my selection. So that made my search shorter, which is good? Not. After all my finessing to get permission to choose my own accomodations, I find that I can't afford anything that ain't in the exact same neighborhood as the last hotel they stuck us in. The hotel's got 70-something reviews online (most complaints are about prostitution and drug dealing). Yeah, that's where I'm gonna be. Only half a mile from Golden D'or, which is the best fabric store in Texas. And as we all know, everything's bigger and better in Texas. (Sorry, rest of USA, you're just not so lucky.) Normally this would be a good thing, if I actually had time to work on cosplay, that is. I dunno, maybe if we get a rainday, I could go look for stuff for my Renn Faire costume. Oh yeah, and there are ten gentlemen's clubs within a mile of here. I didn't even bother to count the liquor stores. Yup. Classy neighborhood. Full of temptation for a boy like me. Good thing I'm too broke and busy to get into trouble.

The only reason I'm writing is to stay awake. Since I've got two vehicles (my work truck and personal truck), I need a hand to move them from the old hotel to this one. Cameron's at work till ten, but then he said he'll help me. If I didn't have to stay up for that, I'd be in bed. I just want to sleep. That's my favorite part of the day.
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Man, this is dumb. Due to the rain, I've had Friday, Saturday, and (will have) Sunday off. If I had known beforehand that I was off this weekend, I would've hauled ass back to Austin for the birthday river float. I really wanted to go to one this summer. But the way this job works, I never know what day I'll be off until THAT day. It's a day-by-day basis, there's really no way to guess. I hope you floaters take lots of pictures. I want to see the photo albums and feel like I was there myself!
Ten hours of video game playing/4chan . . . I'm burnt out. I need to go out and do something.

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