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Here we go. The last "week" of drilling. Two weeks of work to be crammed into the next ten days. I know it's going to be a stressful, hectic, and chaotic Hell Week, but one way or another I've got to get through it so that I can finally go home. I'm so tired of being here.
I've just . . . gotta do it.
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I dunno. It came over me like a spell. I spent most of the day indoors, playing video games, but as soon as I got outside, into the sun, around people, I just got all twitchy and skittish and whatnot. And maybe a little paranoid. It was pretty damned crowded at that Cici's I went to for lunch, with all the rugrats running around. I was all, "What the hell? You people need to stop breeding!" I wondered, if I grabbed one of those shorties and hid it, how long would it take for the parents to notice they were gone? Two minutes at least, I think. And in my opinion, there should be a weight limit at any buffet restaurant. If you weigh over a certain amount, then you should not be allowed into an all-you-can-eat buffet. For your own good. Honestly, there were some land whales there.
I went to Barnes & Noble (another one) to look for Yotsuba #5. No luck. And I gave up on re-doing my Spartan cosplay. Only after I'd bought fabric and stuff did I look at the reference picture (duh) and came to the conclusion that I wouldn't be able to get all the stuff I needed in time, nor did I feel like busting my ass to make a ghetto version.
It kinda pisses me off that people are using 4chan to bitch about Oni-con. I didn't go to Oni-con, so I have no personal stake in the outcome of that event. But I assume that the anons on 4chan probably include some people I know and I like to think that my friends aren't so juvenile and petty. But apparently we Texan cosplayers are little whiny bitches that snipe at each other's backs. That's what pisses me off. Everyone's so lovey-dovey and supportive in person, only to badmouth one another as soon as they can get away with it. Crap like this continually has me wonder if I'm getting too old for this cosplay crowd.
So uh, yeah, this is what happens when I sleep in. It's 1 am and I'm still not tired. That "Hard Candy" movie came on just as I was bedding down for the night. I had kinda wanted to see it as the premise seemed interesting, but . . . it turned out to be kinda mediocre.

I'm gonna try and go to bed now, but I make no promises. Just three more days till I get to go home! WOOO!
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"Uh . . . okay," I replied. The mechanic gave me the round. "Whoa," I said. "That's pretty big."

Yeah, I got a flat tire while driving around today. Out on the airport property, there's spent bullets and casings and all other sorts of evidence that indicate that all of this land once belonged to the Army Base next door. Since there's nothing but sand dunes out there, I never would've imagined getting a flat tire out there, but I did. Hmm. The novelty of the situation was almost worth the hour of downtime.


Oct. 17th, 2007 09:36 am
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So this morning I got a call from our office's master administrative assistant regarding the phone bill for my work cellphone. I'd been using it to call Star every night, often for hours at a time. In her own words, the bill was "huge". Then a few hours later, I get a call from Boss #1. He . . . was not happy. In what was NOT a compliment, he said I'd set an "all-time company record" (for phone mis-use).
So . . . all this money I'm making from working overtime will now be going to pay the phone bill, pretty much. Well, I guess the only way to learn where the line is was to cross it. Now I know. When I get back to Austin on Friday I've got to go into the office to work out . . . a settlement. *sigh* I kinda knew this was coming. My only worry now is what their reaction will be when they receive October's phone bill. O_O;

Sounds like it'll be AIM to the rescue now!
Or maybe just penpals would be safer!
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Today's gonna be a crappy day, I just know it. The crap's been on a slow boil all weekend and as soon as all the bosses get back in this morning, that's when it's gonna hit the fan. I don't like waiting. I know I'm gonna take my share of responsibility for this, but I take some assurance in believing that this mess will finally get the attention of the higher-ups and they'll straighten things out.
I was looking at the mega-map of the job and counting. If the drill rigs would just get their acts together, there'd only be 11 days of drilling left. If they could just drill without anymore break-downs or injuries or access conflicts, there'd be less than two weeks of work remaining. But they've been averaging a woeful 60% productivity, which means they're taking roughly twice as much time as expected. At least we're past the halfway point, which is encouraging, but I'm frustrated by the frequent delays and I'm losing patience for trying to execute an unrealistic schedule in the face of all these ridiculous handicaps.
Like I said, the one good thing that should come out of today is that some answers will be forged and hopefully we'll find some way to continue work. I just wish it hadn't taken a fiasco to get attention and help.
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Another weekend stuck here in El Paso. I woke up at 8 this morning and couldn't fall back asleep, which isn't good. I took a bath first thing, then sat around in the tub for about half an hour after the water had drained out, because I had nothing else to do after that. I've got nothing to do and nowhere to go, and I'm tired of staying in this hotel room all day. I'm bored and bummed out because I'm stuck here. I wish I at least had a video game to kill the next 14 hours. . . . .
I'm looking forward to this weekend, which makes every day between now and then an eternity. We're not going to Oni-con, unfortunately, but we will be going up to Dallas which should be fun.
Well I guess I'll get dressed and head out and maybe something interesting will occur to me. *shrug*
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I dunno, it must be because I'm wearing these brown pants and dusty boots, but I feel like doing some reckless, Indiana Jones-y stuff. Like being dragged beneath a speeding Nazi cargo truck or fight snakes with a torch. Yeah . . . I guess this get-up just has me feeling abnormally macho. And back when I was a kid in Boy Scouts, my nickname was Daredevil because I'd do all sorts of stupid stuff when the adults weren't looking. Whitewater rafting? Boo. Whitewater swimming? Yay! Roasting marshmellows? Yawn. Throwing gas cans in the fire? Wee! etc. It's a good thing I'm stuck at work today or else I probably would be doing something dumb.
Hmm. I just remembered, I never managed to climb Mt. Franklin here in El Paso. Last time the cops chased me off the mountain with that stupid helicopter and it's stupid spotlight. Stupid cops.

Hmmm . . . .
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My brain wants to quit, surrender, yield, forfeit, etc. Ugh. I am so damned tired. I'm only working about 65-75 hours a week, compared to the 85+ that I was working on that last drilling job, but this one is much more exhausting. That last job I was in a supervisory position; in other words I mostly sat around watching other people work. This time around, I'm running around like a chicken on fire with it's head cut off and ants up it's anus.
And today both my bosses left for the weekend, leaving me in charge. Some people might think that that's a great excuse to kick back and take it easy, but that really means that everything big and small gets re-routed through me. So I'm thinking of buying one of those dog beds and hiding it under my desk so I can take naps inbetween emergencies. It's just a thought.
Tonight I crash HARD.
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Oh, what a tough week. Made more onerous perhaps by the knowledge that I won't be seeing home for another week yet. Most days I'm worn out by noon, but still have to drag myself through another six hours or more of work. Tuesday and Wednesday were especially tough. I was so stressed and irritable that I was GROWLING at people and cursing everytime my phone rang and I almost snapped when the cops showed up at our jobsite Tuesday morning.
I think that once I get used to this level of stress, it won't be so exhausting. But this job really asks alot of me in areas where I'm weak. Don't ask an ADD kid to multi-task. There are so many people I have to communicate with and satisfy, so many immediate concerns to take care of, while at the same time planning ahead to meet their ridiculous schedule when we're already two weeks behind . . . it's maddening. It seems I only get any real work done after 5 pm, when enough of our mercenary corp of engineers have gone home for the day that the interruptions cease. But still, my To-Do list snowballs and rolls over from day to day.
The only reason I have enough time and energy to write an LJ post is because my bosses have left for the weekend. I dropped the last one off this afternoon and before his plane had even left the ground, I was already back at my hotel, in bed. I'll be working Saturday and Sunday, so it's not like I'll be playing hooky or anything while they're. But the prospect that my phone will be silent and I'll be left alone to work is reward enough. Hopefully I'll be able to get enough work done this weekend to put me a couple strides ahead of this scheduling juggernaut. If I could do that, the days would become much more bearable.

I don't like writing completely negative entries, so let me dig for a few nuggets; bright spots of this past week.
Well today, after finally getting lunch, I was driving through the big empty sand dunes of Fort Bliss. I had my mp3 player going. I got out to look at some things and noticed my black boots had turned yellow, from the pollen of the sage brush, which was in bloom following the recent rains. I was still comfortably cool from the truck's A/C so I could enjoy the bright sun and warmth. While I'm walking down the dirt road, "The Sunny Side of the Street" starts playing and I had to laugh. "In El Paso, everywhere is the sunny side of the street," I thought. Because yeah, there's an assload of sun here. It's like we're on the sun's front porch. It's like RIGHT there, all the time, in yo face. Yeah, everyone turns brown here.
Last night my boss treated some of us to dinner. He took us to a nice place where the cheapest entree was 17.99. I didn't know who was paying and I'm still in the red from that surprise trip back to Austin, so I ordered the most modest meal there. Everyone else had steak, since apparently they'd been informed that it was on the boss's dime. D'oh. I got cheesecake at least. I'd rather have spent those two hours talking with my girlfriend, or catching up on sleep, but it was refreshing to relax and be sociable with my superiors.

Yeah, it's been a tough week, but this weekend should provide a respite, making next week easier in comparison. Plus, next week I'll have an Austin weekend to look forward to, and that's one helluva carrot.  
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Work has been very busy and fast-paced this week, which is kinda good since it doesn't allow me much time to think about where I'd rather be. And with 9 to 12-hour workdays, the week has flown by. Both of my bosses left for the weekend earlier today, leaving me in charge, to which I mutter, "Like hell!" Tomorrow's drilling should be done by noon and right after that I'm on a plane to Austin! Yeah! I'll only be there for 26 hours and I probably shouldn't be spending this money . . . but it's important.

Since this job has us working on both city property, an army base, and an international airport, there are all sorts of security measures and background checks and rectal exams, etc. So I had to get my mom to mail me my birth certificate, since I lost my social security card years ago. Somehow she found my original social security card, like my FIRST one. My name was signed in pencil with the careful cursive hand-writing of a third-grader and the card was still attached to a paper printed with my original home address on it. Aww, that got me all nostalgic for a moment. How far and long ago my childhood in Arlington seems now.

Oh yeah, I had an interesting dream about ACDF last night. Most of the major players were there. It was as if we were in another city (like at a con) and we were doing a photoshoot at a fancy mall. Somehow, things got out of hand and we ended up demolishing an office building. We kept going with the photoshoot because as any cosplayer knows, ruins make for awesome backdrops. But then the cops showed up and it was either, go to prison, or go to an insane asylum. We chose the latter. I guess because they let crazy people dress up and not inmates? Oh! And some ACDFers got lucky too (not me). I won't name names, but if I blush next time we meet, you'll know!

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