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I'd hoped to have gotten over this cold by now, so that I could enjoy the weekend before heading out of town. The medicine keeps me from feeling significantly bad, but man, I'm so lethargic. I've got all the energy (and posture) of a sack of potatoes. I KNOW I don't wanna spend all day indoors at home, but it seems that's about as much as I can manage.
Hopefully I'll be in better spirits by this evening; at least enough to wander down to the Zombie Ball tonight. I think I'll kick myself later if I miss it.

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Halloween portion (Press X to skip) )

Saturday we went to go look at apartments. We’ve got it narrowed down to two, I think we’ll make our decision pretty soon. Saturday evening Liz’s old friend, Becky, showed up with her new boyfriend. We jawed for a while and then took them to dinner where we were two disgustingly cute couples. Afterwards we stopped by Spec’s on the way home. The sheer size of that booze warehouse amazed them so we spent some time messing around in there before heading home for movie and drinks.
Sunday morning we all went out to Waffle House for breakfast and then took a short trip to the Austin Celtic Festival. I’m kinda sorta tempted to join the Roman re-enactment group there. More importantly, I came to the conclusion that I need to start putting together a costume that I can wear to these historic festivals. Something I can wear year after year and keep adding to. I think a ranger sort of outfit would be comfortable enough to wear all day, but still offer options for personalization and accessorizing. I don’t have time to put anything together for this year’s Texas Renaissance Festival, which we’re attending this weekend, but I’ve decided I’m going to do it. By the way, Liz and I have reserved a room with double beds for this weekend. I know a lot of our Austinite pals already went to TRF, but would anyone like to go this weekend and share the room? It would be great to have some company.
So yeah, by our standards we had a busy weekend. That makes me all the more grateful that I’m just working 4 days this week. Three-day weekend! Booze and corsets! Stabby things! Meat-on-a-stick! Woo, TRF, yeah!
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It looks like I’ll be going out to 6th Street for a little Halloweeny fun this evening. The only hiccup is that I don’t have a costume to wear. I’ve got last year’s Halloween costume, my Spartan cheerleader. And Cat mentioned I could do something crazy easy like a bedsheet ghost (not the Cartman version). I wouldn’t mind slapping together a shake-n-bake costume, so long as it doesn’t require a trip to Goodwill.
So what do you guys think?

[Poll #1288734]

P.S. On a slightly related Halloween note, I watched some South Park the other night. I used to think guinea pigs were ugly furry footballs, but then I saw the Guinea-saurus Rex. OMG. I wasn't expecting cuteness from South Park.
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Wednesday night we went to dinner with Jenny and Matt at EZ's. It was just something different to do for dinner. Or was it a double date?!? OMG! Anywho, during the conversation(s) I asked, "So what are we doing for Halloween?", to which Jenny replied that our gang already had 2 Halloween parties planned. Ha ha. And here I thought I was the first to suggest something, only to find out they've got it in the bag already. Yeah, they've always got more plates spinning than you can shake a stick at. After dinner we played some Mario Party. Our Team Seaslug (aka Team Lesbos) barely eked out a victory. We would've played singles, but it was a school night so we had to head out early.
Thursday I had the night "off" so I spent the evening at my place playing Civ 4 (I still can't beat it on the "Prince setting, grrrrr) and cleaning the apartment (it really doesn't feel like I live there anymore). By the way, the apartment hunt has narrowed the list down to four properties in the Parmer - Wells Branch area, about as north as we can get and still be in Austin.
Saturday evening was the ACDF anniversary dinner. I was so relieved and pleased that people showed up because if they hadn't, I seriously would've been, "Okay, that's it. I quit." Thankfully though, that didn't happen. Yes, our gang made up the majority of the gathering, but there were enough people there to make it legitimate. It wasn't a gargantuan gathering like we used to have, but the small size worked in our favor, I think (even though it still took an hour for our party of 9 to get seated. WTH?). Since it was a small group we were able to talk to each other, rather than shouting through a crowd (like most ACDF gatherings). I got to meet some of the new(er) members and got to know them better. They're not as bad as I thought; heck, they were actually sorta likeable! ;)
Two things were learned that evening. One, we need to stop going to Kerbey's, tradition be damned. Two, I need to stop hanging out with Jenny, Beauty, and Cat. THEY ARE THE COSPLAY BORG; everyone they touch becomes assimilated into their cosplay group. I was able to wriggle out of their Rayearth group (mostly out of ignorance) but my interest was piqued when they mentioned their Disney villains group. Honestly, I've been anti-Disney for years now but the word "villains" caught my ear. I do like to cosplay bad guys. Still, I might have said no if they hadn't suggested the character they did. "Cody, you should do Hades!"
Hmmm. Flaming glowing hair, contacts, prosthetic fangs, and smoke effects? Sounds like a challenge. I'll do it! (Yeah, I'm a sucker for trying new things.)
So what did we end up doing that night? We watched Hercules and Alice in Wonderland (Liz wants to be the Red Queen).
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I don't care about you calendar-worshipping weirdos, my Halloween ain't till Saturday! So piss off!

Yup, I'm back in Austin for the weekend and I've got a buttload of stuff to do. I went to Wal-Mart first thing this morning and I was pleased to find they still had the pumpkins out. After nabbing eight or so of them, I waddled to the seasonal aisle, but the Halloween stuff has been pushed out by Christmas crap. (Apparently no one gives a turd about Turkey Day). But the pumpkins were the most important thing on my list, so I didn't mind so much.
What I did mind )

So now it's time to buckle down and clean out this Ah-partment of mine in preparation for the party. But I will be taking a break mid-afternoon to go see Liz at work for lunch. I think I'll go in costume, just to embarass the hell out of her. Yup, she's my girlfriend, so she should expect as much. *nod*

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Since it is technically Saturday, I thought I'd let myself sleep in. Till about 7:30. Then when I finally left the hotel room to go to work, I found that I had a flat tire. That's two flats in one week. Blah. Kinda a lousy way to start the day, but it could be worse. I'm just glad that the bosses are gone for the weekend; that should keep things quiet around here. If we can just get through the next couple days without going to "red alert," I'll be happy.
Because these weekends in El Paso are especially boring and depressing, I finally got it into my head to borrow Star's PS2 (since mine is still in transit from the AnimeFest hotel) and brought it along. I bought Disgaea 2 (yes, I know I'm behind) since it was the cheapest out of the top three PS2 games I wanted to play. So yeah, I have that to keep me busy. And I've also bought a few items to fix my "Spartan" cosplay. The fiberglass shield took a big toll on that cheap costume I wore at AFest. So I've got a game to play and cosplay to work on. That should keep me pleasantly occupied all weekend.
Next weekend is our Halloween party. A couple days late, sure, but how the heck can you enjoy Halloween on a Wednesday? Huh? Seriously. I'm all amped up for that party. I get to decorate a couple rooms (not in a gay way) and make some food and drinks. It's gonna be SPOOKTACULAR. Since I get to go home for break a day earlier, that'll give me two whole days to focus on getting the apartment ready for the party. I've got a lot to do, but I'm really looking forward to it. I am kinda worried that too many people might be coming to this (and a few that I'd rather not have come at all), but it was an open invite, so . . . *shrug*. We'll just have to see how it goes, I guess.
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My bedroom is free of sin.

. . . What does it know? Ha ha ha.
Anyways, I'm back in Austin for the weekend. Instead of Oni-Con, Star and I are going up to Dallas for fabric shopping and a mini-vacation of sorts. Today I've been running errands to catch up for my two-week absence. And with our SPOOKTACULAR Halloween party just the weekend after next, I went out and bought my share of decorations and party stuff. I got all fired up after looking online for good party ideas; kinda went overboard with the Halloween shopping. But c'mon, how could I not? You should've seen my shopping cart as I left Wal-Mart today. None of it was edible; it was like MacGuyver's shopping cart or something. A whole bunch of chemicals and housewares that don't belong together. The check-out clerk caught on that I was shopping for Halloween; she kept asking what I was going to do with the fake blood, black lights, toilet paper, etc. But then she saw the toilet plunger and stopped asking.

Yup, it's gonna be lots of fun.  
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I went with ACDF to the anime club last night for their "Halloween" costume contest. We had a pretty big group this time around. After we grabbed dinner we went to campus and changed into costume. I was the only one without a costume; I'd exhausted my cosplay wardrobe as of Halloween. By the time we got into the room, there was only one episode left before the break. Our group virtually eclipsed the anime club costumers. Well actually, our group was only slightly bigger than the number of anime club costumers, but our costumes were significantly more advanced. Although, Amanda and Tiffany looked pretty good in their costumes and there was one Bleach cosplayer who did a pretty good job too. All the others were kinda average.
I think the "contest" could've been run better. I mean, they basically just lined everyone up in the front of the room and made them stand there for like 15 minutes, like livestock at some auction or something. And then they decided the winner by applause. Like that ever really works. But our CN with her "Turkey" Tifa won; her costume WAS very good. And she won some manga for her efforts.
And again, as soon as the anime restarted, we ducked out. *shrug* We decided to do ice cream again, this time at a place within walking distance. The group headed out, but I had to move my truck off campus, since they'd start towing at midnight because of tommorrow's football game. Because of the one way streets, I almost ended up running over Tricky and the rest of the gang. Like something out of Mad Max, they swarmed my truck and forced me to take them to ice cream. I was kinda nervous, considering I didn't have my license and had eleven people in weird outfits in my truck, singing Pokemon crap and making all sorts of noise. Fortunately, we made it to the ice cream joint without incident. We took up a collection to get Danzik and Kimba some ice cream, since they were broke. Everyone managed to get something. We had fun, but I can't remember anything outstanding about the conversation. Oh, except for the fact that The Clash is the best, apparently. Then we went to the toy store next door and farted around there. They closed like 30 minutes after we got there, but not before I bought a robot arm; I've always wanted one of those.
Then we went back to the ice cream parking lot and everyone piled into my truck to head back to campus, but no one seemed ready to call it quits just yet. But people were broke and/or underage, so we couldn't think of anything that everyone could do. So instead we ended up hanging out in the parking lot for a good hour or two. And the colder and later it got, the nuttier everyone became. Oh, my poor new truck. I tried to be cool and not be the grumpy old man, but in the back of my thoughts I'm thinking, "Stop jumping! My shocks can't take 6 people jumping up and down in the bed!" or "Don't bang on the glass!" or "Don't jump on the hood! I've got 57 more payments to make on this thing!" Other than that, we had a groovy lil pow-wow. About seven people in the back, all huddled together, talking about random crap. One thing that amused me was that CN, as the petite gal of the group, had sat in the little . . . cubby hole in the truck cab (between the seats and back window), since she was the smallest. When we got back to the truck she had automatically gone back there. But when it became obvious we weren't leaving, she stayed there; maybe she was cold. Anyways, she was sitting on the floor and only her head could be seen through the window. She was having fun in there with the other cold people and she looked like a little cute Tifa in a petshop window or something. (She's probably gotten enough compliments on her cuteness to last a lifetime, but she WAS cute.) We were joking, "Feed the Tifa for a dollar," or "Don't tap on the glass, Tifas are irritable," etc. Then I found out what the people inside the truck were all laughing about. They were playing with everything inside my truck. Most of it was odds and ends from cosplay stuff, but CN found some manga I had bought that afternoon (and had yet to read). It was "I's" by Masakazu Katsura. Ecchi at times, but a good manga nonetheless. But CN manages to find a two-page spread of a mostly nude gal character and smashes it up against the back window for everyone to see. I was all, "Don't abuse my manga! You're breaking the spine!" before I realized "Oh wait, now it looks like I'm a hentai freak. Well maybe I am, but they don't need to know that!" And she's the proclaimed queen of yaoi so I don't know who she is to judge. Heh heh. I made her agree to bring some of her yaoi next time though, so that way we'll be even. We'll see who's got the smuttier collection.

Some of the nutty people

And the Tifa in a jar (the only pic where she WASN'T going nuts)
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The ACDF went trick-or-treating last night. Traffic and other real-world complications delayed the start by about an hour. We went to a well-to-do neighborhood for our trick-or-treating.

Mini-Halloween rant )

By the time we starting ToTing all the kids had quit so the streets were mostly empty. That was kind of a buzzkill. I had thought that no one would give us candy since our ages ranged from 17 to 27, but people had no reservations about giving us "adults" candy. I didn't have a bag at first, so for awhile I was eating the candy as soon as I got it. Until I got queasy, anyways. Then I got a bag and began hoarding candy like everyone else. We ToTed until ten; by that time the porchlights were beginning to turn off and people were running out of candy.
We transplanted to 6th street. At first glance it looked like a street festival. The road was choked with pedestrians in costume milling about. But there weren't any activities or boothes or street performers. LAME! So besides walking around, there wasn't much to do. There were bars, of course, but we had minors in our party, plus the bars had jacked up their cover charges, so we didn't drink or dance or anything. In truth, we didn't do too much at all, mostly just waiting around for people and checking out costumes. That's what we do, we're cosplayers.
Seeing all those people in costume jam-packed together got my cosplay instincts buzzing. I keyt my eyes peeled for an awesome cosplay that I was sure was just around the corner but then it dawned on me that these were just normal people in store-bought costumes. Still, I held out hope that there'd be at least a few cosplayers sprinkled in the crowd. Finally I had to concede that no cosplayer would wear their one-of-a-kind, hand-made costume in this dense crowd of inebriated commoners. There were some surprises though. I was so damned happy to see a Steve Irwin costume, complete with protruding sting-ray, exactly how I'd been picturing that costume in my head ever since Oni. That dude is sooo going to hell, ha ha ha. And there were some Reno 911 costumes (mostly Dangles) and about 3 Monarch henchmen. Other than that, I wasn't too impressed by the costumes.
JB and her man wanted to duck into a bar for a bit so the rest of us decided to go find somewhere to sit. Thank goodness, because my dogs were barking from the ToTing. Anthony, the random guy from the anime club, had joined us shortly after we had arrived at 6th street and now he was guiding us to a place he had in mind. It turned out to be a bit of a hike, maybe 1/2 to 1 mile, which sucked since we wanted to sit, not walk. The coffeehouse was pretty comfy though. But a little too crowded for us to hang out as a group. It took a long time to get any food or drinks and by the time we called JB, she was already ready to go home. So we headed back.
That was pretty much it for the night. Best Halloween I've had since I stopped trick-or-treating, and that was yeaaaaaars ago.

Da bunch of us.

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The UT Anime Club had had their Halloween costume contest scheduled for this Friday, not even a week after Oni. Everyone was still riding high from the successes and fun of Oni, so we were quite willing to parlay that energy into a little anime club contest. But then they decided to postpone the Halloween contest until a week after Halloween. What the hell? For a moment we (ACDF) vacillated, but decided to wear our costumes to the meeting anyways.
Our San Marcos detachment (Cat-chan and Tricky) were running a bit late (Bianca & Taki didn't come). We had pitas for dinner (good) and then went to campus to change into costume. Tricky brought her Boogiepop, Cat her EGL Ichigo, and me with my Pyramid Head (bleh) of course. Beauty was already inside. There were only two episodes of stuff to watch before the break rolled around. Torakiji and ChisaiiNeko showed up then (Tora was wearing a good Uotani (FruBa)). Beauty changed into her "random showgirl" outfit, which reminded me of something out of Deadwood.
The anime club people didn't seem too enthused about our cosplay. And here I'd thought we'd get at least a few oohs and aahs. *shrug* Oh well. Ama/Feemas stopped by to say hi. From the brevity of her visit, it seems apparent that her main allegiance is to the anime club, rather than us cosplayers. That's understandable.
Maybe we had too much fun socializing during the break, for once the anime threatened to resume, Tricky suggested that we go to karaoke. I would've liked to have stayed for the anime (Planetes at least), but everyone seemed eager for karaoke. So we headed out, but not before adopting/kidnapping an anime club person to be our guide.
We drove down Lamar with Orange Range blasting out the windows. There were a lot of people out for Halloween parties, I guess, because we kept seeing bunches of people in costume. It was pretty cool, as if this were the one weekend when cosplay had infected the entire populace. When we got to the karaoke joint, we found out that it was 21+ only. So . . . we went for ice cream instead. By now EEG had joined us. Beauty and Az got kinda loud and stupid at the ice cream shop; good thing we practically had the place to ourselves, otherwise we might've offended some virgin ears. But it was fun.

"What's that, Mr. Pita? . . . Kill them all? But they're my friends. . . . But . . . Okay, if you say so."

Our costumes rock your costumes. Hardcore!

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