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And with this color, I'm done!

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I didn't forget about it! I just . . . got interrupted for a while. But I will finish it.

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TRF photos are done, but the write-up is still pending. So, back to the meme . . .

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I went to TRF this weekend, which was awesome. I'll need some time to edit photos, write a report, and physically recover. In the meantime, let's continue that musical meme from last week.

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Nov. 4th, 2010 08:11 pm
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I'm stationed out in West Texas for the next few weeks. That means I won't have much of interest to write about. So it's a perfect time to crank out that music meme that I wanted to do a few months ago but couldn't. It's a lot shorter than that 30-day version because I don't have the patience for something that long.

So here it is! Day One of "My Musical Spectrum"

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I was looking at the Otakon photo galleries yesterday, to see what I missed out on this summer. There were some pretty impressive costumes. Seeing all that talent really got me fired up for cosplay. After all these months of not being able to do it, I just want to do something EPIC to make up for all the lost time. I know I've got the tools and experience to do it, the challenge comes in FINDING something with epic potential. Up till now, my instinct has been, "go big or go home" and that's led me to do these super-sized mascots. They're cool and all but they're no longer a challenge; I've used the same construction methods on the last four. Any increased complexity comes in the form of mechanics. With all the levers, switches, handles, and battery packs inside those mascots, it's more like I'm building life-sized puppets instead of costumes. I think I've gone too far in that direction. They're becoming overly complex and almost unwearable. So no more mascots!!! . . . for now.
I'll be coming home for good in a month or so and I expect that attending Dragon*Con will get me super fired-up about cosplay so it'll be the right moment for me to invest my time and enthusiasm into an impressive cosplay. I've never cosplayed a character I didn't know/wasn't interested in (I look down on that behavior), but I may have to do that this time around. I kinda envy people with "Cosplay I'm gonna do" lists that are half a mile long; I guess I'm just too picky. I need help to find this cosplay.

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The last few days in the office have been mind-numbingly dull and slow. Since I'm kinda in limbo till the drilling starts, they've just been giving me the busy work that no one else wants to do, like auditing thousands of records for typos and errors. I actually took it seriously the first couple days and made a huge dent in it, then I realized it was an endless quest so I started sandbagging and just read manga online instead.
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Rather than continuing with my manga reading, I was sent out into the field to work. Weeee! Finally, after months of being an office slave, I got to see the sun! I was so glad to be out of there. Today I got sent to the Pig Launcher site, which I'd only first heard about a few days ago. I can't show you actual pictures of it, for security reasons, so you'll have to settle for this artist's depiction. And while I was there, I saw an EXTERNAL combustion engine. I didn't even know those things really existed, like platypuses or Santa or G-spots. CAPSLOCK does not begin to describe how LOUD, NOISY, SMOKY, GREASY, and BLACK it was. It shook the earth. It was AWESOME. It baptized me in oil. (For the record, I'm not frowning. I'm squinting, because I'm still not used to the SUN. I even got sun-burnt! Yay!)
So that was the bit of interesting stuff for today. Tomorrow will be even better because one of our senior engineers is leaving the project. What does that mean? Going-away BARBECUE!!!! Sweet! Real food! I'm getting hungry already, just thinking about it! (Or maybe it's 'cause I haven't had dinner yet!) (Fucking parentheses, enough already!)

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My brief bout of freedom was very refreshing. Once I got the truck onto the paved highway I stopped worrying about getting caught or having some phenomenal bad luck that would ruin my plans. I got to Fort Mac just in time for the first showing of Inception, though I drove past the theater a few times because it was so small and inconspicuous. Man, I haven’t been to such a rinky-dink theater in a loooong time. But I totally didn’t mind. I was just glad to be there.
mild movie spoilers )
Once I was out of the movie I really wanted to spend the whole day in town, as much time as I possibly could in civilization and away from camp. But by that point I’d been awake for 24 hours and I was fading fast, despite the movie theater BladderBurster of soda I’d had. I went to the town’s sad little Wal-Mart (instead of the CANADIAN TIRE). After that bit of shopping I went straight back to camp and crashed. Well, I tried. As tired as I was, somehow I could not fall asleep. I think I had too much residual caffeine in my system and I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. Three hours of sleep out of 48. I’m a zombie today.
From this point on I have no idea what my schedule’s going to be like. I’ve sailed beyond the edge of the map/calendar; everything here is in limbo. All they can tell me is that I’ll be getting a break some time in August and the new end-date is looking to be October. I can be okay with that, I guess. Two, two and a half months to go. It’s curious, how much lighter the burden of this job becomes, once I have some semblance of a goal in sight. And it’s a good thing I requested my Dragon*Con vacation as early as I did. Now it can be the anchor around which they arrange my schedule.

I'm feeling brain-dead right now so I'm kinda phoning this one in.
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Tonight's my last night on night shift. I'll be switching back to days soon. I've got tomorrow (both day and night) off so that I can reset my sleeping schedule. That's 30 hours of free time. Rather than remain under house camp arrest, I think I'm going to make a break for it. I'll 'borrow' a truck and drive in to Fort McMurray. I'm gonna eat real food made by humans for humans, I'm gonna watch 'Inception," and I'm gonna go to Canadian Tire (Canada's equivalent of Wal-Mart, don't ask me about the name) and buy some groceries. Hopefully my temporary ATM card works in town or else it'll be a very short one-way trip.
Normally I wouldn't even consider doing something like this, but the other night when I was drinking rum with my neighbor, he was telling me about all the times he and other co-workers had snuck into town to go get wasted and screw some barfly in the back of the company truck (which is why I now refuse to drive certain vehicles). Apparently almost every time anyone takes a sick day out here, it's not because they're sick, it's because they're hung-over. Here I was, a totally oblivious boy scout because I'm on night shift and have no idea what's really going on.
Now that I know how many times certain bosses of mine have gotten busted for drinking, or run their truck off the road, etc, I feel quite entitled to go into town for a few hours.
All these damn rules are a sham; it's just another scoop of B.S. to add to the pile.

30 Days of Gunnm:
8. Character you look like the most )
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Sorry if my post comes out a bit discombobulated; one of my 'associates' waylaid me with copious amounts of rum this evening. (Have I ever mentioned how booze quintuples my vocabulary? Notice the double-point SAT words I'm using?)
It so happens that today, I learned that rather than having a mere three days left before I returned home, my stay up here has now become 'INDEFINITE' (<---My boss's exact words). Yeah. Apparently the contractor that kicked me off their site some months ago is now trying to make up for lost time due to their own incompetence, and now my company is scrambling for guys to cover that work after dismissing the bulk of the hired help. (More pics and explanation when I'm sober.) Anywho, the gist of this is: the job ain't over just yet and Cody-boy ain't going home. Shit sucks but after 5 years with this company I'm used to getting my poo pushed in. You could almost say I'm an old hand at this.

But anyways, back to the point of this post: 30 Days of Gunnm (let's see if I can pull this entry out of my ass)

5. Character you'd like as your child )
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I blame [ profile] azriel_oda for this. I'd been wanting to do this 'meme' for awhile, but I thought I'd have to wait till I was back home and had access to my manga. Then I realized that there were online scans. Derp derp.
So anyways, here's my 30 Days of Gunnm meme. I've changed some questions that are either non-sensical or just plain uninteresting to me. I like to hope that maybe, just maybe, this quiz will elicit enough curiosity for someone to pick up a volume and read what I think is one of the damn finest mangas out there.

1. Your Favorite Character )
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Stolen from [ profile] kyandichan , it seemed like fun!

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Meme Rez!

Dec. 22nd, 2008 08:50 pm
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I seem to vaguely recall this meme from last year.

Post the title/first sentence of the first post you made for each month.

"2008 Go!"

"Don't read this post, it's contagious."

"To Zen and Back"

"Weekend Re-cap (4-7)"


"Belated A-kon Report"

"2900 Miles and Home Again"

"It's a valid scientific question . . ."


"Random bit"

"Halloween weekend re-cap"

"Seriously . . .(filler entry #564)"

Happy Meme

Dec. 6th, 2008 01:30 pm
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I got tagged by [ profile] vampirate777.

1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

Happy Meme: Day #1 (Friday 12/05/2008)

I nom-nomed a DOZEN tortillas from Taco Cabana. Those tortillas are so fat and warm and soft . . . *drool* All those carbs probably make me fat and warm and soft too, but let's look at the positive! It definitely made happy in my mouth.

I can't really think of 8 other people who post on a daily basis, so no tags here.


Aside from that, Jim Gaffigan was pretty funny last night. We sat up in the balcony for the first time and I'd been worried our view would suck, but it was actually a good perspective. As Liz may have informed you, he had a new bit about bacon, which I found very applicable to my life, being a fatty American myself. Despite all of his talk about food and being lazy, after the show we still kinda wanted to go be fatties at Waffle House. But we settled on Taco Cabana instead.
Today and tomorrow I'll be focusing on moving my stuff into the new apartment. So that means today will be the 3rd Annual "Running of the Costumes," the rare day when all of my costumes leave the apartment, leading my neighbors to wonder who the hell they've been living next to for the past year.

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