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The sound of the subway
And a song
I had long forgotten

Japan Day 3: Shibuya & Harajuku )
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I took a long-ass lunch today to run down and see hear some music at SXSW. My plan had originally been to leave the office for the day at 10 am, but work multiplied like wet gremlins and lunch was all I could manage. To help me enjoy myself, I pre-intoxicated myself on the way there. Once I got there, I discovered there was FREE BEER! Suffice to say, I didn't actually eat lunch. But hell, calories are calories, amirite?
I could only watch one set, but it was awesome. Rocked my boxers off. I am so coming back for the real Japan Nite tomorrow night. Those dudes rocked. And I was glad to see not one single weaboo or Narutard in the whole crowd. Awesome. And I did meet one cute rock babe there. )

Anyways, that's all I stopped by to say! I'm on my way back to catch some more fun. Tonight's South American music; I know nothing about it other than it sounded awesome online.

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And with this color, I'm done!

White: [Everything] )
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I didn't forget about it! I just . . . got interrupted for a while. But I will finish it.

Yellow [????] )
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TRF photos are done, but the write-up is still pending. So, back to the meme . . .

Orange [energy] )
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I went to TRF this weekend, which was awesome. I'll need some time to edit photos, write a report, and physically recover. In the meantime, let's continue that musical meme from last week.

Bonus Color: Pink )
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(Ever-)Green [longest-living track still in active rotation] )


Nov. 4th, 2010 08:11 pm
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I'm stationed out in West Texas for the next few weeks. That means I won't have much of interest to write about. So it's a perfect time to crank out that music meme that I wanted to do a few months ago but couldn't. It's a lot shorter than that 30-day version because I don't have the patience for something that long.

So here it is! Day One of "My Musical Spectrum"

Black [dark] )
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Moving has been going rather well. I think part of the reason it’s going so easily is since I didn’t do hardly any cosplay this year, all of my gear and cosplay crap is still packed up from the last move. (And I no longer have the titanic Catbus to lug around; he needed his own damn moving van.) Even though I need to be careful with money this month I scrimped together enough to buy a couple rugs (and a cinnamon bun) from Ikea. The house is mostly tiled and could use a few strategic areas of carpet. I also bought one of those latex mesh . . . under-rug things that you use to keep rugs from sliding around. Anyone who’s worked with latex knows that it reeks of ammonia and as soon as I opened that bag, whoa. It was strong. I decided to let it air out for a while and continued with unpacking stuff. I’d often forget about it and find myself wondering, "It smells like formaldehyde in here, what the hell were those last renters into? High school biology? Cooking meth? Necrophilia? Oh wait, it’s the Ikea stuff. Duh."
Even though the spare bedroom is kinda small I think it’ll make for a good cosplay workshop. With my mad Jenga skillz I was able to tetris most of my cosplay bins into the closet, leaving the floorspace mostly uncluttered. Except for that huge burrito of tarps, catbus fur, and foam that I hadn’t bothered with since TRF. That needed to be put away too so I unrolled it and BAM! I was hit in the face with a smokehouse, ribs and all. The fabric was clean and dry, but smelled strongly of woodsmoke, woodsmoke, woodsmoke. I had a sudden craving for turkey legs. I didn’t actually get around to putting away the fur and foam. Okay, I didn’t get anything done because I stretched out and fell asleep on top of the fur pallet. So soft . . .
My neighbor’s bass guitar woke me up a little while later. Thanks, I didn’t need a nap anyways. I got back to organizing crap into the closet and opened up the fabric bin that I’d taken to TRF. The fabric smelled dirty, but looked clean. I mean, it smelled EARTHY. That was odd, but the material looked clean so I put it away in the closet drawers anyways. As I got deeper into the bin, I realized that there was a 5th grade science project going on in there. MILDEW! It was all damp and furry in there. Blech. That’s what that “earthy” smell had been. I threw away the pieces of material that had already started to evolve and hung up the other pieces to dry. Thankfully, none of the good pieces had turned into a biohazard, but they still stunk. As soon as I move over my washer and dryer, they’re first in line for a wash.
Not counting the plethora of aromas now in the house, I’m making good progress getting settled in. Now that it’s starting to look like someone lives there, it’s getting harder to resist the urge to go shopping for the stuff I need/want for the house. TV, couch, shelves, lawn-mower, microwave, etc. And it wasn’t until last night that I noticed, "There’s no dishwasher. . . Huh." Ha ha ha. I guess that just shows how much importance I place on kitchen-y stuff.
So yeah, that’s about all that’s going on with me right now.

P.S. New Weezer makes me bouncy.
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Stolen from [ profile] kyandichan , it seemed like fun!

meme )
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It bugs me when the last song I hear on the radio before I turn off my truck and get out to start a 12-hour workday happens to be a sucky song. This morning it was "Miss Murder" or whatever it's called.
All day it was playing on loop in my head, "Hey, Ms. Murder, blahblahblah." I couldn't turn it off.
I would've much preferred the Mini-Sirloin Burgers jingle instead.
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You can't name your band "The Killers" and then write songs that ask, "Are we humans, or are we dancers?" What the hell? If you're "The Killers," I'd expect to hear some death metal or something else that makes me pee my pants. I don't want to say the song is gay, because I'm trying to get myself out of the habit of using that adjective, but . . . yeah, it is. Where did they come up with their name? Not 'cause they're dangerous. Maybe because they're killers of good music? I dunno.

P.S. I apologize in advance to all the ladies out there who like this song. It's okay that you like it, just don't expect me to sing along on karaoke night.
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I don't wanna talk about money concerns, even though that's the 800-lb pink gorilla that's been lumbering in my head today.
This past weekend Liz and I reserved our wedding date at the Plantation House. I think we did good; I was half expecting that we'd get hitched in a VFW hall or something, so this is a slam dunk by comparison. We also put in our application for an apartment uptown and got a positive response back. There's still a whole bunch of little things to handle in the next couple months, but it's reassuring to have these two big things taken care of.
In unrelated news, I'm pleasantly surprised with this Pandora application, which I heard of through [ profile] reebear. I put in a couple of bands that I'm a diehard fan (read, "borderline fanatic") of and it starts generating a playlist in the same vein/genre. It's like a conveyor-belt sushi place, but instead of sushi it's music. I wanna sample everything that comes down the line and end up pigging out. I haven't heard anything OMGLURVE! yet, but alot of "Hmmm, this has potential," stuff. The possibility of finding new music has got all my tingly bits tingling.

Random bit

Oct. 2nd, 2008 12:01 pm
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The other night Liz and I caught a random episode of "Lucy: Daughter of the Devil"; I hadn't seen it in a while. In the episode, the choir boys do an extended version of this song and eventually I started singing along. Liz looked at me strangely so I asked her, "Why aren't you singing?"
Liz: "I've never heard this song before."
Me: "What?"
Liz: "This is the first time I've heard it."
Me: "But it's like a disco classic."
Liz: "Then how do you know about it?"
Me: "My mom was alive in the 50s and 60s."
Liz: "So was mine."
I reply, "Well, our mom's are different," but what I actually wanted to say was, "Your mom's whiter."

Now this song has been playing on a loop in my head for the past day or so.

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I wanted to read the new issue of “The Onion” and the closest restaurant to my office that carries that newspaper is Zen. At work we’ve got a big deadline this week that has us working 10-12 hour days and short-to-no lunch hours. If I were a good little engineer, I probably should’ve stayed at the office and kept working, but I flipped my workstation the bird and took my break. I probably spent more time driving there and back than I did eating, but so what, I wanted to enjoy my lunch. When I entered, a strange realization came to mind. Is it just me, or does teriyaki smell like beer? That sour-sweat wheaty smell? Or maybe my brain has some wires crossed. Whatever.
As I ate my dog-bowl sized teriyaki chicken I read and watched the TV. I like that little animation about the guide dog who rebels against his blind owner and makes his life hell. As if the newspaper and tv weren’t fun enough, as I was leaving I heard Fantastic Plastic Machine playing over the speakers. It took me about 15 seconds standing there in the doorway with my head cocked like a slow dog before I recognized it. It’s not my favorite band, but a close cousin to my #1 Fave: Pizzicato Five, so hearing any music from that genre in public is an awesome surprise. Once I recognized the tune I did an excited little quiver, but not in the lose-my-shit manner like that time I heard Pizzicato Five playing on NPR and nearly drove my truck off the road as a result.
That was a surprisingly cool and entertaining lunch. It just sucks that I have to go back to work afterwards. Ah well.

On a side note, all the blooming trees I’ve been seeing lately have put an odd idea in my head. I thought it might be a fun event to do one of those cherry blossom viewing parties. It could be a cosplay thing I guess; all those little flowers make for pretty backgrounds anyways, but I think it’s the picnic-of-drunkeness that appeals most. Ha ha. So I was looking online to see if there was anywhere in central Texas that might fill the role, but I’m coming up empty. The closest thing I found are the Japanese Botanical Gardens up in Fort Worth. I went to those once back when I was going to school at TCU. Very pretty, but I doubt it’s a BYOB kind of place. Not to mention it's 200 miles out of the way. *shrug*
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I really do. Often, after listening to one of my favorite P5 tracks I'm so exuberant that I can't help but shout, "I FUCKING LOVE PIZZICATO FIVE!!!!" And the odds of me exploding like this double if the sun happens to be shining, that's how happy this music makes me. Even the "sad" songs are great, it's like they make my soul sigh with contentment. "Ahhhhh . . . "
I'm glad I was born when I was, so that I had the entire P5 music library ready and waiting for me when I was ready to find it. Although . . . if I'd been born earlier, it would've been physically possible to go see them live. *heart skips a beat*
It's too bad there isn't more P5 merchandise out there. I'd love to show my rabid support somehow. I think I'll get some T-shirts silk-screened that say "I love Pizzicato Five!" Nothing kitschy or fancy, just something to tell the world that yes, I do!
P5 sound )
My top ten favorite Pizzicato Five songs. It wasn't easy to come up with this ranking, let me tell you!

1) Paraiso
2) Perfect World (single version) <--- This is the one that makes me explode the most!
3) My Bossa Nova
4) The Sound of Music
5) Wild Strawberries
6) Action Painting
7) London-Paris
8) Spellbound
9) Hori Made Hittotobi
10) Good

P.S. If there are any P5 fans out there that read this LJ (impossible, I know), raise your hand! We can explode with happiness together!

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