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my weekend back in Austin )

These weekdays are very boring in comparison to the weekend. I leave back to Canada on Thursday morning so in the meantime I’m just trying to keep busy during the day with chores and other ‘responsible’ stuff. Yup, boring.
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And another weekend bites the dust.
Saturday . . . I spent half the day at a training thing for work. 7 am to 1 pm. That blew chunks. Once I got back home I farted around until it came time for the Be-jewelled Sweater Spectacular (otherwise known as Cat's birthday party-thing). We all gathered at Mitch&Matt's place to work on cosplay and sweaters. Half the people took off to Goodwill to find the appropriate sweaters. The rest stayed behind to work. We popped "Rescuers Down Under" into the tv to have some background noise, and although I haven't seen that movie in nearly 20 years, I started quoting that thing verbatim. It freaked me out; it was as if Disney had programmed me ala the Manchurian Candidate. It wasn't as bad as when it happens to be "Aladdin," but still, it was a bit frightening.
After they got back from shopping we went to Razzoo's for Cat's B-day dinner. I'm not a big fan of Cajun food since I have a delicate, gentle, and fairy-like gastrointestinal tract but I figured I'd give it a go and I ordered the big-ass Cajun sampler. The best part about going there were the drinks. Beauty had the right idea of going straight to that menu. We got this huge-ass aquarium of a mixed drink that serves 4. It had punch and vodka and everclear and who-knows-what. We all sipped at it non-stop like parched gerbils at a water bottle. Then my food came and commenced to set my mouth on fire with it's unholy spices. And what did I have to drink to quench my thirst? Just the Gator Punch. . . . . Yeah, that was poor planning on my part.
Back at the apartment we had birthday cake and naughty bedtime stories and worked on stuff and watched a marathon of America's Next Top Model, etc etc etc. We didn't get out of there till 3.
Of course I slept in this morning. My plan had been to go over to Jenny's later to continue working on costume stuff. But I could no longer ignore how messy my house was, or how I was running low on groceries. So instead of cosplay, I just did chores most of the day. Boring stuff, but it feels good to be responsible once in a while.

Our super-awesome adult beverage.


Feb. 19th, 2010 05:11 pm
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Today was a shit-tastic day. Started off by spending an hour and a half changing/patching a tire in the rain. That made me cold, wet, and an hour and a half late for everything else I was doing today. Not only that, but while I was changing the tire, I broke off the door handle on the truck, which continued to be a source of frustration throughout the day.
No matter how fast I drove or how much I sprinted, I could not make up that lost time, meaning that everybody was unhappy with me when I finally did show up.
All that stress of trying to juggle and race and stuff has left me feeling wiped out. I'd rather take a full day of manual labor than an hour of panic-level stress. Thank god it's the weekend. Now if you'll excuse me I think I'm gonna go crash. I think I've earned it.
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Is anyone planning on working on cosplay this weekend? I plan to, of course, but I'm getting a bit of cabin fever from staying in and working on cosplay every evening. If I could work on cosplay and see some people at the same time, that'd be perfect! Two birds with one stone. So I thought I'd ask if anyone was interested in having a sewing party/cosplay pow-wow/whatever.

P.S. I promise not to bring any power tools. Scout's honor.


Oct. 13th, 2008 08:01 pm
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Saturday afternoon we went shopping for my brother’s wedding presents. That gift registry thing made it a relatively painless event. It was pretty easy to identify which items he had picked out and which items she had picked. The digital kitchen scale, the Pyrex baking set, the soufflé ramekins: her. The Wii, HD LCD TV, and Operation board game: him. I went a bit overboard on the shopping. I spent about double what I’d planned to. I kinda felt like I had to though. There we were, barely a week away from their wedding and very few items on the registry had been purchased. On top of that, my mom’s retired, my dad’s unemployed, and my sister’s still in college, so there won’t be many gifts coming from that direction. So I ignored the price tags and kept shopping till there was a respectable pile in my shopping cart. Later on that evening I reserved a room at the wedding hotel. As soon as they quoted us the “con-rate” I thought, “Hmph. Jenny could do better than that.” Bleh. This thing is getting more expensive than I would’ve preferred. I guess I can take some consolation in the thought that in a year it’ll be time for payback, as Liz has reminded me.
Saturday night we went to go see Dave Atell. Liz had never seen him before so I was worried his material might be too crude for her, but I used to watch him a lot on “Insomniac” so I bought the tickets anyways. Supposedly he’s clean and sober now, but watching the show that night, you wouldn’t have thought so. He was funny of course, but his show was kinda haphazard and seemed like he was piecing it together as he went. I was surprised that his show was so rough and random, considering that it was being filmed for a special. I guess I was just expecting a more polished performance. Afterwards we went to dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse since it happened to be on the way back to the parking garage. The pasta was good but the service sucked balls. I determined that our waiter was either under the influence, or needed to be under the influence (of some prescription medicine). It was like the lights were on but nobody was home. Asking what kind of dressing I wanted on my minestrone soup, rationing our “unlimited” bread to just one baby loaf, and assuming that since we were sharing one entrée we could also share one set of silverware. What a space cadet.


Sep. 5th, 2008 12:53 am
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Birthday was last weekend, went to Batman-IMAX, went to BatFest (saw no bats), got Transformers for my Bday (sweet).
Labor Day, worked on cosplay, tested the wings for 1st time, only got them up halfway :( Something's wrong with my math; I don't trust myself anymore.
I'm finally starting to warm up to the Pucca cartoon series; used to be I only liked the flash animations. Sad that Venture Bros is over till next year. Boo. But get to buy Season 3 dvds now. Yay.
Yesterday I got an email about Jim Gaffigan (comedian whose sold-out show I paid alot to get tickets for). Since I'm now on his email list, I'm invited to the pre-sale of the extra show they just added to his schedule. So I could've bought 6 good tickets today for the same amount of money I spent on those 2 mediocre seats. Lame
Tonight, at my apartment by myself. Don't need to tell you what that entails ;) Spent 5 hours to fix the wings and beef up the pulley system. Good news: now the wings open fully, with snap. Bad news: now I think the wings are too strong to be reloaded by just one assistant. Aw suckage. Dunno what to do.

Think I might go to bed tonight in the clothes I plan to wear tomorrow, that way I can sleep till the very last second. I'm pooped and sore.

Last week

Jul. 14th, 2008 12:06 pm
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Getting back to the normal schedule hasn’t been easy. I frittered away Wednesday mostly playing video games. Sure I did some laundry and unpacked and cleaned the pre-con disaster area (my apartment), but it was mostly a lazy day. I went to go see Star for lunch and forced her to eat pizza for the second day in a row, which I’m sure made her suffer terribly. I mostly just skated through work on Thursday and Friday, doing busy work and keeping a low profile so that I could get through the mini-week without any real effort.

Saturday afternoon we went to Inner Space Caverns. I’d drilled a job there about a month ago and the manager had given us free passes, so why not? The place was pretty busy. We had to wait for an hour before our tour started. The tour was okay. The guide was younger than us (I think this was his summer job) so it was difficult to take him seriously, which may be why I kept making wisecracks the whole time. Maybe I was the asshole of the group, I dunno. *shrug* The more extreme tours, the one’s where you actually go spelunking rather than walking on a sidewalk sound pretty interesting but I doubt that’s something that we’ll ever do.

After the caverns we went to Star’s parents’ place. No reason really except that we happened to be in their area. We had dinner and chit-chatted about random stuff. Also, I finally scolded Star’s mom for teaching her daughter to read and talk. Now she won’t stop doing either one. ;)

That evening Star revealed which costume she’s decided to do next. There had been a couple that I’d been secretly rooting for, so when it turned out that she’d picked one of those, I was very pleased. The costume is very armor-heavy so that means I get to be really involved in this cosplay of hers. I kinda want to go to Dallas to see if we can find the right color of vinyl for the vinyl/foam method but we’ll probably just go with reliable fiberglass instead. I’m thinking this costume could be done by the end of the year for not too much money. However, it’s got an assload of detail work, so we may lose our sanity by the time it’s done. Coincidentally, I’ve also chosen to do a long-term costume. For the time being I think we’re both tired of rushing to crank out a new costume for each con; we’d rather take our time crafting an epic cosplay. After building Pucca and Garu and GIR I’m content to ride out the rest of the year without worrying about meeting another con deadline.

I spent Sunday morning getting some cosplay supplies and getting started on my own project. That afternoon we went to go see Wall-E again and this time around I cried a little. That’s why I usually don’t watch anything remotely romantic/tragic more than once because I get more emotional the second time around, like when I took my anime club to go see “Grave of the Fireflies.” I started getting teary-eyed at the very beginning of the film, before any bad stuff had even happened simply because I was thinking, “Oh, they’re so happy now, but they’re all going to die. Even the little girl. It’s so sad, so sad. Waaah.”

This weekend we’ve got some summer fun stuff planned. It’s an extra-ACDF event. ACDF rambling )

Speaking of events, I had been kicking around the idea of a pre-Batman movie get-together, to watch the new animated Gotham Knight DVD (and maybe Batman Begins) before going out to watch The Dark Knight. That was before I remembered we already had something going on this weekend. But regardless, I’m gonna find time to watch that movie this weekend. I’m half tempted to go to the midnight showing on Thursday. Naw, it’s probably a better idea to wait till Sunday. That way I can spend Sunday afternoon in a dark theater, applying aloe vera to my pinkness from the day before. 

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This weekend was a weekend of firsts. It’s been over two months since Star got her new apartment, but only now has it become unpacked enough for humans to live there. Friday we spent the night there for the first time. I’m curious to meet the elephants living upstairs, but afraid at the same time too. So far it’s been a juggling act and a learning experience, figuring out how much of my stuff to bring over, what cosplay crap I can smuggle in and ditch at her place, etc. It’ll take some planning to get used to living in separate apartments, but it should be okay.
Saturday morning I took off to go steam-clean (another first) my place and I was flabbergasted to see how much dirt came out of that "white" carpet. I had to clear out my living room and dining room so that I could steam-clean and now that that area is clear, I think I’m going to reorganize my cosplay area. Make it more efficient and sexy and shit. That way when my pad is on MTV Cribs I’ll be all, "Here’s my cosplay zone. . . . Jealous much?"
anime tangent )
Late Sunday afternoon we went to La Madeline (sp?) for dinner. That place is a little on the pricey side but you pay for the fanciness, I guess. I’m a sucker for baked goods so I won’t stop going there any time soon.
We took our desserts to go and walked down to the pond below the Arboretum. There were ducks and turtles and families walking around and couples strolling together. We sat down at a picnic table to munch on our desserts and to watch the scenery go by. It was rather picturesque and a bit romantic too. The only thing that kept me from totally making out with Star was the picnicking lesbian couple about twenty feet to our left. They were a small distraction. And then there was the hyperactive 6-year old boy who I think was trying some sort of mating dance to entice the ducks out of the pond. Or something. It was fun to watch, whatever it was.
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So yeah, Saturday morning I went to see "Paprika." After that I was on my own while Star went off to work with a master seamstress. I decided to fiberglass the Spartan shield while she was gone so the fumes wouldn’t bother her. After 3 hours of work, I stopped because by that point I’d become a stinky, sticky, furry mess of resin and polyester fluff. The shield didn’t come out as perfectly curved as I’d like, but the Bondo will even it out. After I got cleaned up, I (sorta) cleaned the apartment as well.
Star returned that evening, having made some big progress on her costume. That was good. If things hadn’t gone well I was afraid she would’ve been really bummed out about cosplay and AnimeFest. And she looked pretty good in that bodysuit, even though it was unfinished. Yum yum yum.
After dinner we got some movies and despite my best efforts, I actually enjoyed the chick flick of the evening, "Miss Potter." It was a fun trip, remembering all the Beatrix Potter books I used to read and re-realizing how cute the illustrations were. Now I want to get that book again. (Poor Nutkin!)
Sunday we went to church. The sermon about ethics and morality was the most accessible one I’ve heard yet from that pastor. It almost swayed me; I caught myself wondering, “Why don’t I believe in this again? I know I had reasons not to, but I can’t remember them at the moment.”
Afterwards we went back to Star’s to change, but stalled there for an hour at least. I can’t recall what we talked about, but it was very comfortable to just relax there with her. Then we went to my place for a late lunch and a dude movie (Letters from Iwo Jima) before she left to have dinner with a friend. I finished the last round of fiberglassing during that time.
Yup. It was a good weekend, balanced between work and play.
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I need to bring some books to work or something. Yeah, I'm back in the CMT Inspectior saddle, which means I've got LOTS of spare time during the day. I brought a couple new volumes of manga with me today, which killed about an hour and a half. Six hours to go. I can't even really think of anything to write for a normal LJ post. I write more than these public posts, but you'll have to upgrade to a paid subscriber account to get the good stuff. ;) And you'd think that having my job site situated between the cheerleader parking lot and the running track, I'd have plenty of scenery to keep me entertained . . . but no.
Oh! I know! I can do a weekend re-cap! * )

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