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Jul. 16th, 2009 06:41 am
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(Belated because I haven't had internet for the last week or so.)

long report, but with some pictures at least )

Cosplay pics are here
Non-cosplay pics are here

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Jun. 8th, 2009 05:42 pm
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So this weekend, Liz spent reading all three books and movie-watching of Twilight. Good: It gave me plenty of free-time to work on cosplay. Bad: Every conversation since last Friday has revolved around sparkle-pires. I count that as a wash. So I made good progress on Wybie, getting that good, content feeling from just working for hours straight. Aaaand yesterday I spent a few hours with Jenny and Beauty working on our joint cosplay. I got fitted for a beard and then was appointed ironing bitch for the remainder of the evening. That costume workshop at the University is fucking awesome. Yeah, it's all about the soft stuff there, but still I was in awe of how much creative potential that room possessed. I wants it!
Today I finally sent off the gunblade commission and have breathed a sigh of relief. Once I finish a commission, I want to get rid of it; it's not comfortable having around. Like having someone else's baby at your place, the whole time you're wondering, "When are they going to come pick this thing up? It was fun at first, but now it's time to go. Where are it's parents?" Also today, I finally managed to schedule an appointment with the couple's counsellor. That was a bit of an ordeal itself, considering I've been trying to get this done since this time last week. I'm nervous about the whole thing, but more than that I'm eager for things to improve.
So yeah, that's what's up.
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Wybie's not going to be done. Been up all night, rushing it. The faster I go, the more ghetto it looks. I don't want to finish it at that cost. I'll do it right and take it to Expo instead.
Now I'm going to take a nap, then get up and go to A-kon and have fun as a civilian.

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Woof, there's been a lot going on these past couple of days. Nothing monumental, but lots of little stuff. Probably of greatest importance is that I've been released from this Dallas job as of today. Hooray! The job is done (or near enough that I don't need to stick around). Rather than racing home ASAP, I'm taking my time closing my affairs here in Dallas. Only now do I realize how much crap I've squirreled up here bit by bit over the past 3 months. It's almost as if I'm moving apartments. Tonight I'll finish Wybie and tomorrow I'll go to A-kon for a bit to wear him and see if I can meet some people and hang out for awhile. Sunday I'll get around to packing up, then I'll return a bad-ass orphan I'm babysitting for the weekend, then I'll stop by Cameron's to drop off their sewing machine (and probably take the two of them for lunch), and THEN I'll finally be leaving Dallas for home. Yay.
My celebration is a bit muted by the rumor-that-is-more-than-a-rumor that there will be a sequel to this Dallas job starting up in July. Part two is expected to be 3 times as big as this recent job. Odds are I'll be coming back for that. I'm not too thrilled about that, considering how much stress this previous job has meant for me and Liz, but for now I'm going to enjoy my time at home while it lasts.
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I had a pretty quiet Memorial Day weekend. I'd expected to finish my Wybie cosplay, but I forgot some xpvc at the hotel so I couldn't work on my mask. And since I botched part of the coat pattern, I had to hand-sew all the stripes on. I've found that I stitch an inch every three minutes and there was 280 inches to sew. That equals an assload of sewing. Good thing it was a three day weekend.
more Wybie cosplay rambling )
I think I'll spend my Friday finishing up the costume. Then as a reward, I'll go watch "UP". I would invite people to go with (it'd be fun), but I don't have a vehicle that's carpool-worthy.
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I love bread. )

I think there must've been a few pounds of sugar in that bread I just ate, because I'm working on cosplay right now (which always get me hyper and excited), but right now it's more like hyper . . . on steroids.
Tonight I'm trying to finish Wybie's coat. The pattern says I'm done, but I'm not quite content with the fit so now I have to enter the uncharted waters of altering it myself.
Oh yeah, and the head driller said that we've only got a couple weeks left of work here. The army inspector says there's 4 months of work to go, but I don't work for (or trust) her. If there's really only 2 weeks left to go, that's great news! I'm not getting my hopes up too much, considering how often our work schedule changes, but it's the first mention anyone's made of an end-date for this job. I would really like to get back home for good; this out-of-town arrangement has been stressful for Liz and I. It would be great not to have it interfering anymore. The only downside to the completion of this job is that I won't be seeing much of Cameron any more. This job has given me the opportunity to spend time with him again, like we haven't done since before I went off to college years ago. It's too bad we don't live closer, because he really is my best friend.
My sister graduated vet grad school last week (I couldn't go to the graduation because I was working). Now she insists on being called Dr. K. Ha! I can't wrap my head around calling her "Doctor". And she's going to be doing her internship at a clinic in Austin. Fancy that! I don't click with my sister as well as I do with my brother; I haven't really had a chance to get to know her as an adult. It'll be interesting to do so while she's in Austin.
I get the feeling there was something else worth mentioning, but it slips my mind at the moment. Oh well, back to cosplay!
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This morning both Codys thought that they were on break. After all, we'd worked 9 days out of the typical 10-day shift and reached a good stopping point. To start a new hole would mean a 4-day commitment, which would add up to a 13-day shift. So we thought we should go on break, enjoy the weekend, and get back to work Monday. I already had my bags packed and was minutes from leaving town when the word came back that we needed to get our asses to the job site.
I guess that disappointment put me in the wrong mindset for work, thus making the 8-hour day we had feel even longer than our normal 12-hour day. I am sunburnt and pooped. I want to push the "food" button on my phone to have someone show up at my door with a bucket of food and a funnel, to feed me in bed and tuck me in and turn out the lights behind them.
But enough of that griping. I am tantalizingly close to finishing the Wybie coat. I get the feeling I missed some important step or rule because the coat looks extra big in every direction when I try it on. Hmm. As much as I'd like to finish it up, I don't think I have any gas in my tank for that tonight. Oh! I guess my fatigue has had one novel outcome. I think I could invent something. A bathtub faucet handle that is foot-operable. That may earn me the nickname of Monkey-Foot, but I'll bet I'm not the only beached whale who's too lazy to sit up every time they want to adjust the temperature.
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The best part about being a NOOB is that you level up fast.

Today the drillers were waiting on some parts that were due to arrive this morning. The package arrived, but not all the parts were in it, so we couldn't work today. That meant I got the day off for cosplay! Weee!
So for the past seven hours I've been sewing. I daresay I'm on some sort of sewing high at the moment. I changed my approach and my pattern pieces are no longer coming out as puffy sopapillas. It probably would've taken a seasoned seamstress only a minute to point out what I was doing wrong, but since I figured it out on my own, it meant a lot more to me. Like double experience points.
I'm really grateful to Katherine for lending me her sewing machine. This is actually kinda fun. That may be because I'm still just sticking to the easy stuff. Deciphering the pattern instructions has been going very slowly and cautiously. I'm still a little wary and unsure when it comes to that stuff.
As I was sewing I thought of a few mods I would like to make to the machine (if it were mine). Like a slide to catch all the straight pins I was taking out, or at least a magnetic strip. And re-arrange some of the levers so that they'd be more intuitive for me and not so easily mistaken for one another. Or a flip-down magnifying lens. Then I thought, "Hell, why not steampunk-ify the whole machine? That'd be cool!" I think it'd be fun. Looking at the machine, it's so plain hospital white. I want something with more style and yes, testosterone. I would mod the hell out of my sewing machine from the inside out; I'd never be able to take it in for a tune-up, unless I had two outfits for my sewing machine, ala the hot rod kid.
Perhaps it's for the best that I don't own a sewing machine. It would be TOO awesome.
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I could not figure out how to get the bobbin winder to work, so I strapped it to my Dremel and wound it that way. Power tools FTW! *high-fives MacGuyver* Then I dis-emboweled the sewing machine trying to figure out how to load the thing. I assumed that since I've managed to load a bobbin on one machine, I could do it on any machine. Right? Wrong! Metal doo-hickeys just kept falling out. A couple hours later it was starting to look like I was going to need to just buy Katherine a new sewing machine and then it finally occurred to me to look up the machine's manual online. Doh!
Bobbin Winding score: D
Last night I went to Jo-Ann's to get lining and the one in Carrollton is 2 stories tall! Wow! It's no Golden D'or, but at least it's open after 5 pm.
So tonight, now that I've got the coat material and lining, I figured I could sew the lining onto the panels. It'd be a good warm-up. It's practically tracing. Easy peasy, right?
If it's so easy, how did I end up with a sopapilla? It's fluffy, dang it! And it's got little puckering mouths at each corner. Waah. I don't want to rip seams. This sucks. I shoulda glued the dang thing.
Lining Sewing score: C-

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