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I did my first nightshift up here the other day. It was . . . surreal. Yes, the sleep-deprivation had something to do with that. But also the fact that the sun only went down for 3 hours also added to my dis-orientation. And then I think I saw a moose standing in the middle of the road as I drove back to camp, but by that point I could've been hallucinating. (Which reminds me, I'll have to try that Valerian root that my boss told me about when I switch back to days. Vivid waking dreams, yeah let's do that!)
The cool thing about the night work is that I'm totally on my own; I can work at my own pace and have almost no one to bother me. So I don't even have to wear pants if I don't want to! But this is Canada, so . . . yeah. Even though I'm scheduled and get paid for a 12-hour shift, the work only takes 6-8 hours. Once I email our results to Houston, I'm free to leave and go back to camp. Easy peasy work, baby!
Oh, but in slightly less awesome news, my boss seems to have forgotten the vacation request I made over a month ago for AX. He's still willing to help me out, but my AX trip will come at the expense of the river float I'd been planning for the 12th. Lame. And the best I could do would be to fly in directly from Canada on Day 0 of AX; no time to go to Austin to get costumes. I don't mind (too much) forfeiting my river float so that I can go to AX. But now it's gotten especially difficult to figure out how to get my costumes (if any) to AX. K'nuckles is automatically out unless someone's driving, which I doubt. The smaller costumes may be do-able but I've got to figure out a way to get them there by mail or . . . I don't know. This kinda jacks with my costume plans. I don't even know which ones I should attempt to finish at this point.
So yeah, I've got some thinking to do.

AX Report

Jul. 16th, 2009 06:41 am
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(Belated because I haven't had internet for the last week or so.)

long report, but with some pictures at least )

Cosplay pics are here
Non-cosplay pics are here


Jun. 26th, 2009 07:07 pm
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This is the last weekend before AX! AGGGH!

And what sucks is that I have to go in to work tomorrow! AGGGH!

I guess that just means next week I'll be leaving for my vacation one day earlier; that's fair.
Time to get serious busy!

Quick bit

Jun. 8th, 2009 05:42 pm
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So this weekend, Liz spent reading all three books and movie-watching of Twilight. Good: It gave me plenty of free-time to work on cosplay. Bad: Every conversation since last Friday has revolved around sparkle-pires. I count that as a wash. So I made good progress on Wybie, getting that good, content feeling from just working for hours straight. Aaaand yesterday I spent a few hours with Jenny and Beauty working on our joint cosplay. I got fitted for a beard and then was appointed ironing bitch for the remainder of the evening. That costume workshop at the University is fucking awesome. Yeah, it's all about the soft stuff there, but still I was in awe of how much creative potential that room possessed. I wants it!
Today I finally sent off the gunblade commission and have breathed a sigh of relief. Once I finish a commission, I want to get rid of it; it's not comfortable having around. Like having someone else's baby at your place, the whole time you're wondering, "When are they going to come pick this thing up? It was fun at first, but now it's time to go. Where are it's parents?" Also today, I finally managed to schedule an appointment with the couple's counsellor. That was a bit of an ordeal itself, considering I've been trying to get this done since this time last week. I'm nervous about the whole thing, but more than that I'm eager for things to improve.
So yeah, that's what's up.
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Wow. It’s already the end of August. That means the year’s mostly over too, by my reckoning. Woo for Labor Day weekend and having Monday off. My birthday is also this Sunday. I remember the last time my birthday and Labor Day coincided, I was like . . . 8 or something, and I thought that everyone was taking Monday off because it had been my birthday the day before. I thought that holiday was for me.
So we’re not going to Afest this year, primarily due to money. I had thought about going up for a day, Saturday or Sunday, just to check out the cosplay and say hi to everybody and harass my brother and steal my DVDs and games back, plus maybe some fabric shopping. But I shouldn’t be spending money on frivolous things right now so we’ll just be staying in Austin this weekend. Star seems dead-set on making this an awesome birthday weekend. I hope she doesn’t spend too much money or effort because then I’d feel guilty and also obligated to make sure her birthday two weeks from now is even better than mine. I think she’ll like what I got her. ;)

P.S. And speaking of parties, I just finally got around to posting the pics I took at CC's birthday dinner last week. Hopefully someone got pics of when everyone went out afterwards???

AX 09 thoughts (already?!?) )


Jul. 10th, 2008 01:16 am
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Sheesh. I've been editing and uploading AX pics all evening. It's already 1 am, well past my bedtime, and I haven't even started my con report yet. Heh. I guess that's what I get for farting around all day. Right now all I've got for you are pics and one of the random videos I took.
I swear I'll get that report out tomorrow. (Oye, it sounds like I forgot to bring my homework to class or something.)

Pics: AX Pics

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I'm finally back home from AX, safe, tired, but happy. In a nutshell, it was Awesome. Pics and detailed report tomorrow. And now, precious sleep.
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It's 5 o'clock and I've run out of stuff to do. This morning while my truck was getting and oil change and stuff I walked to Salvation Army and then to Goodwill to get bits for my Texan cosplay. There were these two hobos that kept showing up. First at the SA and then when I was at Goodwill, they were there again. Well, they weren't hobos, but they were deeply tanned and obviously wearing clothing that came from Goodwill, so my brain kept calling them "hobos." Then when I was walking back to the mechanic's, I stopped at an Arby's for lunch . . . and the hobos were there too! I was like, "Quit shadowing me, you hobos!" Why can't I run into the same hot wimmens time after time? No, I gotta have Hobo-magnetism.
So I got that stuff done and came home where I whipped together that wig rack in half an hour. I was proud of myself. I've been packing since then and I've simultaneously reached the points where I'm out of stuff to pack and I'm out of room to pack. Not really out of room to pack, but looking at the truck I'm thinking, "Whoa, I've still got three women's stuff to put in here," so I'm kinda nervous. I'm leaving my Spartan cosplay here; there's no room for the shield. I'll probably have to leave the cart here too. Even though it's super-helpful carting costumes and luggage around, there ain't room for it either. I believe this evening will put my Tetris skills to the test!

P.S. If the whole thing looks really impossible, heck, I'll just go get that U-Haul after all. $120 ain't so bad. Hmm. We'll just have to wait and see.
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Yeah, it finally happened. I've been planning to do it for years now, but yesterday I finally did it. With Star's help, I used a sewing machine. Yes, I've joined the ranks of soft cosplayers. I was a bit nervous at first but the learning curve was pretty easy. There was a scary moment where I thought I'd busted her sewing machine until I realized that the bobbin had just run out of thread. Today I did it on my own, winding the bobbin, loading the thread, etc. I think I leveled up twice this weekend. Perhaps it's just my newb confidence speaking, but I don't see what's so hard about soft cosplay. I mean, that machine makes things soooo easy. Just cut the pattern and whiz, zoom! Instant garment! And you just need that one machine too, unlike hard cosplay. I've got half a dozen power tools, but every cosplay I do, I think of another tool that would make the job easier. So yeah, a whole new dimension of cosplay has opened up to me. Woooo. Oh yeah, and we finally went to see Wall-E today. Another great Pixar flick. I took two strong lessons away from that film. 1: Don't shop at Wal-Mart. and 2: Girlfriends with guns are dangerous.
So aside from that, I spent the weekend finishing up the costumes and prepping them for the roadtrip. I've got high hopes for this version of GIR. It's gonna be interesting, packing 5 cosplayers worth of stuff into one truck but I'm confident it can be done. Maybe I'll leave behind an unnecessary costume or two if need be. Tomorrow I'll finish up my packing and getting my truck ready too. Agh! I'm actually starting to get a little nervous! But still 90% excited. This is gonna be fuck-off awesome.

P.S. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch's new costume is dead sexy.
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To all Texan cosplayers: I remind you that you're required to bring your government-issued 10-gallon hat to AX (big-ass belt buckle is optional). Remember, we are representatives of our fine state and we need to live up to their stereotypes expectations. I think it'd be fun to do a little Texan gathering complete with cowboy boots and six-shooters, just as an excuse to be dorky for a few minutes. Seriously though, I'd just like to meet all the other Texans that make it out there for some smiles and hugs and back-slapping. Hmmm. Maybe I'll put together a super-Texan costume to wear when I'm "out" of cosplay.

Just for the people traveling with me )


Jun. 26th, 2008 07:51 am
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It's been soooo difficult getting my mind into work this week, because of AX coming up. Every day, in the back of my head, this is playing on a continuous loop, "I don't wanna be here, ♪ I'm going to AX, ♫ how many more hours till I get off? ♪ Why even start working on this if I'm not gonna finish it this week? ♫ Let someone else do this. ♪ La de da loo loo. ♫ IWANNAGETOUTOFHERE! . . . . How many more hours?"
I try and skate through each day, doing the minimum amount of work possible. It ain't easy and I'm probably risking a butt-chewing, but like I said, it's so hard to give a crap about work right now.
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And I've got a lot to do to get ready for it. Of course there's the cosplay, which may or may not happen; we lost a whole week being sick. I need to take my truck in this weekend to get a blinker fixed and it's inspection renewed. But once that's done, it'll be ready to go. I know some people are hoping to find a vehicle we can all pile into for the road trip, but I don't know if that's a realistic hope. So I'm getting ready for my back-up plan in the meanwhile. I already got the trailer hitch and a U-Haul reservation, just in case.
I kinda want to get a new camera too, before AX. I'm tired of all the noise that shows up in the pictures from my current camera. But I could only allow myself to buy a new camera if I lost or broke my current one. Unfortunately, the one I have is a tank. It's shock-proof, crush-proof, and water-proof, so unless I have a total dee-dee-dee moment, the two of us will be stuck with each other for awhile yet.
Whereas I simply _want_ a new camera for AX, I know I'll _need_ a new mp3 player for the long-ass roadtrip out there. That is definitely vital. I don't want an iPod though; does anyone know of a good alternative? The Zune maybe? I dunno, that's from Microsoft (i.e., Windows) and I was pissed at how over-complicated my last mp3 player was. I don't want more of that.
I like to think I'm now at the tail end of this infection. Star's symptoms are worse, but she went to the doctor yesterday and got some meds so she should be getting better soon. This experience has educated me. I'm not gonna go through this again. From now till AX, I'm going on a healthy, immune-boosting regimen. Vitamins, Vitamin-C supplements, etc. My immune system is gonna be super saiyan by the time I get to LA. Just you watch!
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Star came down sick with con-plague Wednesday. I caught it a couple days later (I guess there's a first time for everything). I was coughing up multi-colored . . . evilness until about 4 am this morning. So I didn't go into work today. I spent most of the day in a horizontal position, hugging my new best friend, Puffs Plus tissues with lotion.
The good news is that I seem to be past the worst part so my weekend won't be entirely ruined. I plan on going to get fabric tomorrow for our Haibane Renmei cosplay. And we should also be meeting this weekend to make some serious AX plans. Yeah, can't afford to take a weekend off.


Mar. 31st, 2008 05:32 pm
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Saturday we met up with some people for what was essentially JB’s sending-off. She’s achieving what every otaku says they’re going to do, she’s going to the motherland (Japan). We had fun eating at Olive Garden until they closed and then we went to Star’s apartment to hang out. I was a bit surprised she nominated it, since she’s been so firm about getting it just right for the housewarming party. While we were there we were actually productive and hashed out our AX trip plans. And we wore down Cat’s resistance until she buckled and agreed to go too. I think we’ve got a good, strong group of cosplayers going; it should be cool.
I was glad to get a better idea of what’s going on and to link up my plans with everyone else’s. It appears that we’ll be renting a U-Haul trailer (which my truck will be pulling). Our group of cosplayers has some mega-awesome, super-sized costumes planned, so we’ll need the extra space to get everything there. Hearing about everybody’s plans has gotten me all fired up and convinced that I need to bring my A-game to AX. Then after we’d taken care of the bulk of the AX planning we watched some MXC (Most Extreme Elimination Challenge) on dvd to show some people the silly costumes Star and I are considering for later in the year. After all, the next couples’ cosplay we do is my choice and I think MXC would be fun to do.
more cosplay chatter )
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So I finally made some plans for AX and I feel better now. I’d been hoping to just glomp onto some other cosplayer and crash/ride with them but I’m not online often enough to know what everyone’s planning. So yeah, rather than wait till the last minute I just bit the bullet. I reserved a room at Hotel Figueroa for Wednesday thru Sunday. I don’t recognize the hotel name, but it’s on the same block as the convention center and it’s got decent reviews so that’s good enough for me. Star seemed like she was open to the idea of roommates so we might be looking for some to help reduce the cost.
I’m taking the whole week off (and then some) for AX. I plan on driving my truck, which has been nagging me non-stop to take it on a long roadtrip. This should shut it up. I’d heard some rumors that some cosplayers were planning on renting a U-Haul and carpooling out there, but I don’t know whatever happened to that idea. So for now, my plan is to leave Austin early Tuesday (July 1st), spending the night in Phoenix, and getting to LA early Wednesday afternoon, just in time to pick up Star at LAX. Going home, I plan on leaving Sunday afternoon and taking my time getting back to Austin and getting in early Tuesday morning. I’d like to have a passenger come along to chip in for gas (and help keep me awake/sane), but I don’t think people will start looking for rides until closer to the con.
AX may still be a long ways off but I’m glad to have made plans for it already. Now I can commit myself to working towards it.

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