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And another weekend bites the dust.
Saturday . . . I spent half the day at a training thing for work. 7 am to 1 pm. That blew chunks. Once I got back home I farted around until it came time for the Be-jewelled Sweater Spectacular (otherwise known as Cat's birthday party-thing). We all gathered at Mitch&Matt's place to work on cosplay and sweaters. Half the people took off to Goodwill to find the appropriate sweaters. The rest stayed behind to work. We popped "Rescuers Down Under" into the tv to have some background noise, and although I haven't seen that movie in nearly 20 years, I started quoting that thing verbatim. It freaked me out; it was as if Disney had programmed me ala the Manchurian Candidate. It wasn't as bad as when it happens to be "Aladdin," but still, it was a bit frightening.
After they got back from shopping we went to Razzoo's for Cat's B-day dinner. I'm not a big fan of Cajun food since I have a delicate, gentle, and fairy-like gastrointestinal tract but I figured I'd give it a go and I ordered the big-ass Cajun sampler. The best part about going there were the drinks. Beauty had the right idea of going straight to that menu. We got this huge-ass aquarium of a mixed drink that serves 4. It had punch and vodka and everclear and who-knows-what. We all sipped at it non-stop like parched gerbils at a water bottle. Then my food came and commenced to set my mouth on fire with it's unholy spices. And what did I have to drink to quench my thirst? Just the Gator Punch. . . . . Yeah, that was poor planning on my part.
Back at the apartment we had birthday cake and naughty bedtime stories and worked on stuff and watched a marathon of America's Next Top Model, etc etc etc. We didn't get out of there till 3.
Of course I slept in this morning. My plan had been to go over to Jenny's later to continue working on costume stuff. But I could no longer ignore how messy my house was, or how I was running low on groceries. So instead of cosplay, I just did chores most of the day. Boring stuff, but it feels good to be responsible once in a while.

Our super-awesome adult beverage.
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Last night's party was lots of fun. I was expecting more costumes, but for those who did wear one, bravo! Matt & Mitch's costumes were by far the funniest. My costume was funnier in my head than it was in reality. *shrug* I think there should be more eye patch cosplays in my future; wearing one is like an instant +10 coolness bonus. Even though Stephanie said she was po', she still managed to offer up quite a spread at the table. If I hadn't been so busying downing the suds, I would've really dug into the food. Oh! And Amelie brought along this cool ass jack-o-lantern with a really elaborate carving of an Alien (from the movie Aliens) on it. In hindsight I should've gotten a picture of it. I'll never see an equally cool jack-o-lantern for the rest of my life.
I guess technically, we didn't _DO_ anything at the party other than drink and hang out, unlike last year's party with all it's zombie events. This party was still tons of fun, regardless. I would upload pics if it weren't for the fact that my camera cable is in my Dallas hotel room.
I've been dragging ass today. It's okay, I knew the price of this ride. The hang-over's been chiefly in my stomach, which won't settle down regardless of how much food I put on top of it. I spent the afternoon packing and getting ready to head back to Dallas until I got a phone call saying I wouldn't need to go back till Wednesday, due to all the rain.

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Mmm boy, I'm having fun today. Woke up and got to working on vest, figuring out boot-covers, etc. Then headed to Jo-Ann's to buy one (and ONLY one) yard of fabric. For some reason that place was like an Artist's Alley today; there were a whole bunch of people with little folding tables set up for random craft-y stuff. If I had had my camera I would've taken a picture of this one lady's table that had a sign that said, "Need help with a costume? $1.50 per hour of help" Ha ha ha. I could just imagine some cosplayer coming in with armfuls of fabric and reference pictures: "I'm making a Trinity Blood costume. Help!" I don't think cosplayers are her target group, but it would be funny. While I was waiting my turn in the cutting line, I was standing next to the sewing machines when the voices in my head started talking. "Hey Cody, check out that machine. It's got those features you want. And all steel parts, OOooo. You're gonna be sewing leather for your TRF costume; no one's gonna want to lend you their sewing machine to sew leather with. You NEED your own sewing machine. And you've got that new credit card with no interest for 6 months. Now's the time. Pick up that box and put it in your cart. It's that easy. You need it in your life. Do it." I almost gave in. Buying a sewing machine with less than 5 minutes of thought put into it. But I resisted. Soon though, very soon.
After that I went next door to Spec's to get booze for tonight's costume gala. That got me excited too, all that happiness in those little cans, just waiting to be born. Then I went to Backstage Bazaar to get other costume-y stuff. The gay guy there showed me a simple technique for the make-up I want to do. Hopefully I can do it as well as he did; I'm gonna spend the rest of the afternoon practicing.
So yeah, I'm having a ball today. TRF costume, party costume, booze, learning new cosplay skills. I haven't been able to do this stuff for so long now. It's fun!

I'm 3-D!

Aug. 31st, 2009 11:00 pm
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Three decades old, that is. Wow, huh? I know that today is no different from yesterday or tomorrow, but that number does cause me to pause and think about it for a moment. Thirty years is a long time to be hanging out on this planet. Sheeeet. I'm an old man now. Time to put away childish things and pursuits. No more cosplay or video games or watching cartoons. Time to get a mortgage and make some kids and learn play golf. Ha ha. As if. Hell, I've just finally reached the point where I can afford to buy all the toys I want! Wee! Am I an overgrown boy? Yeah, you bet your socks I am!
Anywho, my brother gave me Venture Bros season 3 DVDS for a present and then took me to wings for dinner, then we played Guitar Hero till my shoulders burned. That was a cool birthday.
Hmm. I guess I _am_ getting older, if I need to use Ben-Gay to play video games.

The truth hurts!
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The punchline

That had been my plan all along, just so I could see the expression on Liz’s and her mom’s face when I pulled out that pink bag. "I picked this out just for you." And let me tell you, getting that pink bag was an adventure in itself.
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Although I didn’t mention my plans to Liz so that the joke wouldn’t be ruined, as soon as I got home she quickly guessed what I was up to and vetoed the idea. She thought that even the bag would be too scandalous for her mother and then Liz would have to kill me with her bare hands for embarrassing her in front of her parents. I was kinda bummed by this turn of events, after what I’d gone through to get it, but not surprised. I’d suspected this idea might've gone too far.
Better safe than sorry I guess. But I'll always wonder, What If . . . ?
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Spent Friday looking for a present for Cameron. I finally found it at Dragon's Lair. I was disappointed to find that they now shrink-wrap practically every manga worth reading. How am I supposed to know if it's worth reading? "Explicit content" only tells me so much! That evening we worked on the MKR stuff until the wee hours of the morning. We made a lot of progress, but there's still a lot of work to do too. Two weeks till the con; wish I could be there to see how it turns out.
Saturday involved a lot of driving for everyone. Liz and Jenny headed out to Dallas early to pick fabric for the wedding dresses. The fabric trip almost didn't happen, with Becky and Clarisa MIA. I left town shortly afterwards to get to Dallas in time for Cameron's birthday thing. We watched Monsters vs. Aliens (and I liked the (non-evil) Robot Probe the best) and then headed out to Medieval Times for dinner. The entertainment was more geared towards kids, but I still had fun. When our serving wench held up her hands and said, "this is your spoon and fork," I knew I was in the right place. That was my favorite bit. I think it would be cool if they had LARPer night and just let some larpers go nuts in the arena. Oh yeah! And Katherine made a cool rainbow cake for the occasion. It was a fun evening.
Now I'm looking forward to Scarborough Faire in a few weeks. Weee!
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The weekend got off to an unexpectedly good start. Our drilling rig had major mechanical problems early Friday morning that shut us down for the whole day. While I waited for news about the repairs, I killed some time by going to watch "Slumdog Millionaire." I was disappointed with the movie; I thought it could've been much better, given it's unique premise. What could've been a gritty, unflinching look at poverty and struggle was instead a hokey, de-clawed, PG-rated fairy tale. The picture-perfect happy ending further ruined it for me. I'm surprised it won ANY Oscars.
Anyways, later that evening I headed up to Denton to hang out with Cindi, Crystal, and friends. We went out for pizza and bowling. While there, I was a stereotypical white guy. I could bowl well enough, but I couldn't dance for crap. Afterwards we went back to the house and watched "Repo! The Genetic Opera." Frankly, I'm not sure what that "movie" was. Was it the opera aspect that made it incomprehensible to me, was it so awful that it was good? I don't know. But I do know that by the time the movie was over, my eyeballs felt like they had been violated.
Saturday morning I received word that the drill rig had been towed to a mechanic's, but couldn't be looked at until Monday, which meant that I was free for the weekend. Weeee! So I hopped in my truck and raced back to Austin. Since we'd been talking about Venture Brothers the night before, for most of the drive back I was thinking of how I could do a Monarch cosplay. It's very tempting, as I already have black tights and enough fiberglass materials lying around to do the armor. I'm still undecided though. As I pulled into Austin around 11:30, I gave Liz a call to tell her I was coming home. Her reply was a blunt, "Well, FUCK."
. . . Ha ha ha. Not quite the response I was expecting. No, "Yay!" or "That's great!" Just, "Well fuck." Ha ha. Apparently she'd originally thought that I wouldn't be arriving till that evening and now she had just a matter of minutes to get ready before I showed up. Although she claimed that both she and the apartment were a mess, both were a welcome sight when I arrived.
That evening we headed to Cat's birthday gathering. The venue this time around was the Salt Lick, a barbecue place of legendary status down in Driftwood. The drive turned out to be a lot farther than I expected. Just as I was on the verge of stopping and asking for directions, we arrived. Holy crap, that place was huge. The place had cops directing traffic, there were that many people. It was a 40-minute wait to get in and then another 40-minutes for the food to arrive, but when it did, everyone turned into a hardcore carnivore. OMG, delicious beef and pork and turkey and other species that I didn't bother to identify before consuming. It seemed appropriate to call it a Texan Thanksgiving. Sooo much meat.
We waddled out of there about an hour or two later and re-convened at Cat's where we had some drinks and talked and watched some YouTube and (crazy-ass) Tyra. Of course we talked cosplay too. Jenny and Beauty and Cat are doing a Rayearth group and drafted me into their service, helping out with the props and armor and such. That should be fun to work on. Also, Jenny let slip that she's planning to do an Other Mother (black dress version) cosplay and as soon as I heard that I claimed Wybie for myself. And just like that, my cosplay dance card has been filled up in one fell swoop. Yay. That's good.
Anyways, I'm going to cut this post short. I have to pee.
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Ami brought it to my attention that I never made a zombie-party post. I posted pictures, but never actually wrote a post. *bonk* So here it is, 3 weeks after the fact.
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Sep. 5th, 2008 12:53 am
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Birthday was last weekend, went to Batman-IMAX, went to BatFest (saw no bats), got Transformers for my Bday (sweet).
Labor Day, worked on cosplay, tested the wings for 1st time, only got them up halfway :( Something's wrong with my math; I don't trust myself anymore.
I'm finally starting to warm up to the Pucca cartoon series; used to be I only liked the flash animations. Sad that Venture Bros is over till next year. Boo. But get to buy Season 3 dvds now. Yay.
Yesterday I got an email about Jim Gaffigan (comedian whose sold-out show I paid alot to get tickets for). Since I'm now on his email list, I'm invited to the pre-sale of the extra show they just added to his schedule. So I could've bought 6 good tickets today for the same amount of money I spent on those 2 mediocre seats. Lame
Tonight, at my apartment by myself. Don't need to tell you what that entails ;) Spent 5 hours to fix the wings and beef up the pulley system. Good news: now the wings open fully, with snap. Bad news: now I think the wings are too strong to be reloaded by just one assistant. Aw suckage. Dunno what to do.

Think I might go to bed tonight in the clothes I plan to wear tomorrow, that way I can sleep till the very last second. I'm pooped and sore.
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Wow. It’s already the end of August. That means the year’s mostly over too, by my reckoning. Woo for Labor Day weekend and having Monday off. My birthday is also this Sunday. I remember the last time my birthday and Labor Day coincided, I was like . . . 8 or something, and I thought that everyone was taking Monday off because it had been my birthday the day before. I thought that holiday was for me.
So we’re not going to Afest this year, primarily due to money. I had thought about going up for a day, Saturday or Sunday, just to check out the cosplay and say hi to everybody and harass my brother and steal my DVDs and games back, plus maybe some fabric shopping. But I shouldn’t be spending money on frivolous things right now so we’ll just be staying in Austin this weekend. Star seems dead-set on making this an awesome birthday weekend. I hope she doesn’t spend too much money or effort because then I’d feel guilty and also obligated to make sure her birthday two weeks from now is even better than mine. I think she’ll like what I got her. ;)

P.S. And speaking of parties, I just finally got around to posting the pics I took at CC's birthday dinner last week. Hopefully someone got pics of when everyone went out afterwards???

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[ profile] uheartcc's birthday was yesterday. CC was abducted and blindfolded and brought to a Korean restaurant where we were waiting in ambush. Since it was her birthday, we all had to wear mustaches of course. If you know her, it makes sense. I was out in the parking lot putting on my mustache while [ profile] amelie_ami_chan ordered an "appetizer," a $100 sushi boat. If I'd known that, I wouldn't have ordered anything. Ignorant, I ordered three rolls and an unagi-don. While we waited for the food we assaulted CC with gifts; I admit, I was kinda jealous of the shirt she got. Apparently I look like Ned Flanders with my mustache. Everyone else took off their mustaches pretty quickly, but as much trouble as it was to spirit-gum it onto my face, I wasn't about to take it off. Though maybe I should've; it was pretty tricky eating with it. I think most of my miso soup was absorbed by the 'stache before it got to my mouth. Then the sushi barge showed up. OMG. At first it was a feeding frenzy as everyone snatched their favorite rolls and fish and whatnot. Then the side dishes showed up and then the entrees and then more entrees. No longer were we a team focused on demolishing the sushi barge, it was every man for himself. Ami got a . . . platter than was the size of a sombrero (and had she finished it, I would've ordered her to wear it). CC got what I can only describe as an egg pancake that was the size of an extra large pizza. Sammi and [ profile] ashuracastle got beem-bop-bips (?); I don't know if they tasted any good, I just liked saying that word over and over together. Yeah, there was an assload of food and I don't think any of us came anywhere close to finishing our food. There was a lot of moaning and groaning as each of us tapped out, one by one. For the first time in my life I actually caught myself thinking, "No more unagi," and I had to ask my former-unagi-rival, [ profile] catspaws for help in getting rid of it. I've never eaten so much sushi in one sitting. OMG.
We waddled out of the restaurant and reconvened at [ profile] j_buns's apartment. It took the girls about an hour to get spruced up to go to 6th Street to celebrate CC's 21st. Matt abused some hair care products while we waited. I would post the video, but it's not really family-friendly. By the time everyone was ready to go, both Star and I were ready to give birth to the sushi babies in our bellies. As much as I wanted to witness the ensuing fun downtown, we parted company and headed home.


Aug. 9th, 2008 08:56 pm
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Last night was fun; Star had her little Olympics party where each of us represented a country and brought an alcohol from that country. Being a Smexican, I brought tequila. I drank most of it before the parade ever even got to Mexico; there were so many damned countries. I think some of them were made up. I felt sorry for Niger, with it's 1 athlete.
Today started off okay. No hangover, just hungry. I headed out on my own to go do some super-secret birthday present shopping while Star went to go hang out with JennyBunny. This afternoon I worked on cosplay. I spent all of last weekend building and tweaking the horse's armor jig, so of course I wanted to crank out a few pieces this weekend. But I could only make one before I ran out of xpvc. Poop. I thought I had more. And I won't be able to buy any for awhile because I need to be saving money this month. Besides that, I couldn't find a tool I was looking for so instead I was using boiling water to shape the xpvc and burning myself left and right before I realized I had an oven mitt that would protect my hand. Doh!
And on top of that, my pc downloaded one of those automatic windows update or whatever. I say, "Go ahead and install." *click* Now my computer's giving me the blue screen of death every five minutes. What the hell? It's never done this before. I don't really feel like messing with it right now. I think instead I'll head over to Star's and finish off the rest of that tequila. Now there's a cure-all.
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What’s the youngest that you can get Alzheimer’s? Is 28 too young? Hmm. Maybe it’s dementia. Or dyslexia. Or brain worms. It’s gotta be something, because I am setting a new record for dee-dee-dee moments this week. Man, I swear I need to start injecting ginkgo-bilboa straight into my brain because obviously it’s not running properly. I’ve been making so many big, elementary-level mistakes at work this week. The only thing that’s saved my ass is that I’ve managed to catch those mistakes before anyone else, but damn. That “pocky” misspelling was just the tip of the iceberg. Yesterday for example I made the same dang mistake three times in a row, like some dumb bird trying to fly through a window. *bang* duh *bang* duh *bang* duh . . . oh, now I get it.
Thank goodness the weekend’s coming up. If I can just squeak through one more day, I’ll be safe. Two weekends left to finish costumes. I made a couple breakthroughs on the Pucca & Garu odangos. I’d tried making them from scratch last weekend, but didn’t like the results. But as of today I’ve found replacement . . . thingies so that problem is solved. I had to go to two toy stores to find what I needed, which is a new precedent. Usually I can get all my cosplay stuff from Home Depot, but this time around it was Toy Joy and Terra Toys that had exactly what I needed.
Last night we went to Blu’s birthday party bash extravaganza etc. Me and Star were settling down to leftovers when JB called us to ask if we were going. Facepalm Whoops, yeah, we’d both spaced out on that one. It was a school night so we only stayed for a couple hours. It was more fun than I expected. Even though I didn’t know everyone there, I had a lot of fun jawing and laughing with the assorted crowd. I guess it is possible to have friends outside of the ACDF. Who’d’ve guessed? Yeah, it was a fun mid-week event.
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Hmmm. I got an email today concerning my high school ten-year reunion. I had begun to think it had already passed; I mean, shouldn't the reunion be held on the anniversary of graduation, I thought? And wasn't that this month or something? But it seems they've decided to hold it on Labor Day weekend:

"The class of ’97 voted and the majority chose Labor Day weekend. Therefore, your presence is requested Friday, August 31st through Monday, September 3 in South Texas! Start making travel plans now so you can be there for the socializing and fun!"

When I first read that, I thought, "Cool! That happens to overlap my birthday! And it happens to include a holiday weekend! That'll be a great opportunity to go home before Christmas. That'd be nice." Then I realize that's the weekend of Dragon*Con, which I've already committed to. Not only that, but I've been wavering on my con plans for that weekend. Star's going to A-Fest in Dallas and that alone is a big enough draw for me to consider reneging on my commitments. Not to mention it'd be a lot cheaper and easier to do.
D*C is in the lead, of course. I just find it amusing and frustrating that all these things will be happening simultaneously. I have to choose between the big, wild out-of-state con or the cheaper Texas con with my girlfriend, or the once-a-decade reunion with my old friends (and birthday with my family).


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